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warhammer online

is it true warhammer online is still set for a release in 2008? i thought the plug had been pulled but on visiting the site i have read press reports that suggest its still up and running ?

can anyone shed some light?


Nope it’s still on. There was a seminar on it on last Gamesday Germany though it was too long of a queue for me to handle so I don’t know the details. They are betatesting it pretty soon or so the newsletter wants us to believe they are at least.



Actually the Beta is going… I am a part of it… so far its looking well and will be a good runner against World of Warcraft.

The Beta is currently a “Closed Public Beta” Basically meaning any one can test it but you must apply and be accepted to beta test the game. you can apply on their website…


yeah i applied but didnt get picked :frowning: oh well its not like i have the time anyway

i get the newsletter thouh looks like it will be pretty good

Traitor King:

Is this Warhammer Age of Reckoning (WAR) you’re talking about?


yes it is


Whoa, a Hellcannon made it into the Game:

I can’t see if there are Chaos Dwarfs though…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah. There was a video specifically about the HC. It makes a completely unique scream EVERY time it fires. EVERY time.