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Will you be playing the new Warhammer online game when its all done and what will you be in it?


I am considering it. I may end up getting a new computer soon which would most likely be capable of running this game.


Yep, very definitely! I try to play every big name MMO that comes out and this will be no exception. I’ve been waiting for it for several years now. I will be playing a Night Goblin, hopefully, maybe Dark Elf.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

maybe and if i do dark elves

Kera foehunter:

If so i going to be a slayer !!! or cd if they have one.


I was TOTALLY excited for this game, having played EQ1. EQ2, and WoW to max levels, I was SO ready for something new.

I was one of the very first to apply for BETA, but sadly never got in, however one of my brothers did and so did his friends. They, like me, are avid fans of the MMORPG genre, but their reviews of this game were lack lustre at best. I respect their opinion greatly, and for that reason, combined with the fact that the company responsible for producing the game, has continually (over 4 times now) pushed back the game’s release – it now seems very unlikely that I will want to own this game.

A further annoyance was all of the “must-have” stuff they threw in for those pre-ordering, which came on the heels of their latest delayed release date. I am a perfectionist with my characters, and it definately upset me that they would ask for our money now, after abusing our patience so badly and consistently.

The brother I mentioned above, and his close friend have recently purchased the Conan MMO, and find they are enjoying it much more than WAR.

Anyways, bit of a rant, but there you have it… low chances I will be playing WAR. :frowning:


I did consider it but in the end… no. Since Everquest 1 no MMO has ever captured me again save for LOTR : online which was suprisingly fun! Wont give up that anytime soon, I really enjoy the casual play. So it is unlikely I will have a go for this game but stranger things have happend.


I will defiantly give it a try. Whether it turns out to be a good game, my guess is as good as any. I have been waiting for this game to come out since they announced plans to make the first Warhammer online. Which fewer people seem to know about.

Ive played EQ1 and WoW to large extent and they were both enjoyable for their time. WoW is certainly getting old to me, and when WAR comes out I have no problem leaving it aside. I also played Dark Age of Camelot alittle (developed by the same company making WAR) and they have mentioned how WAR will have the RVR system similar to that game if anyone is familiar. Think pvp to a greater extreme.

I plan on rocking a Chaos Magus, my love for Chaos overrides that for my Dwarves. Though, if you could play a Slayer, I totally would.

Also, Ive heard a rumor or two saying Chaos Dwarfs will make an appearance here and there, and even be intractable with Chaos players. Few screenshots of a hellcannon as well, but no CDs themselves. No surprise that they arnt playable however, and I wouldnt expect them to be included anytime ever.

Should be interesting, whatever happens…


not a chance. I don’t have the dedication/attention span required for MMOs and/or RPGs… I love my video games, but they need to be console games with low commitment factors (Mario Kart, for example).


probably not now, I nearly screwed up my education with wow, dont want that to happen again with war


Considering how much of my life NWN drained away, I now fear MMORPGs.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Dang, a shame to see so few. I pre-ordered it on a whim… I will be a Dwarf Engineer on one server (perhaps some other goodies too) and a Chaos Chosen on the other. Though it may be a Magus. Or a Zealot. Damnit :smiley: Everyone, SLAYERS ARE NON-PLAYABLE. Kind of annoying considering the fact that they have one in the trailer and all of the other characters are playable. Also, CDs are in it with the Hellcannon only, to my knowledge. Thusly, they are reduced to just sieges…


I will have to try out being a chaos dwarf on the hellcannon and a dwarf on a flame cannon should be pretty cool, it really sux that you cant be a slayer, I would deffinately like to have given that a go!

Riding around on a lammasu castings spells would have been the ultimate for me though but I bet that does not happen.

Hashut’s Blessing:

You can’t play a Chaos Dwarf either. That’s what I was saying. The races are Greenskin, Empire, HE, DE, Dwarfs and Chaos. Chaos has the Magus, the Zealot, the Chosen and something I can’t remember :smiley: Empire has a Bright Wizard, a Witch Hunter, a Blazing Sun Knight and a Warrior Priest. Dwarfs have Engineers, Hammerers, Ironbreakers and Runepriests. Greenskins have effectively black orc, Squig Herder, normal orc and Goblin Shaman. HE have Mage, Sowrdmaster and I think a Silverhelm and Shadow Warrior. DE have Sorceress, Witch Elf, Executioner and I can’t remember, might be Shade or Corsair.

I don’t know if you can use war machines at all…


I had to swear off MMOGs. I get too involved in them and they take up all my free time and a good amount of time that isn’t free. WAR does look sort of cool, and one of the trailers gave me a great idea for a gaming table I am going to build, but no, unfortunately, I will have to stay away from it if I want to have any sort of normal life.


Well that would suck if you cant use warmachines, I guess the next fun thing would be a Squig herder! or maybe a wizard or something.

Hammerer would be ok I guess.

Ahh well I will probably still give it a go and see just how much fun it is, if it turns out crap I can always stop playing :stuck_out_tongue: