[Archive] Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning - Server/Name List


Dose anyone els play warhammer online?

I’m making this post for everyone to list there Realm/Characters name…

Me: Realm|Charactor

    Vortex | Aelita


Vortex is my new realm, i figured if anyone els played we could all start new. And maybe start CD guild there… I’m a H.E sword master. (If you want to chat about WHOL, Send me a PM)


I think we have some threads on WAR floating around some place.

I am on Badlands as Xandore the Chosen. I tend to play Mon-Thurs 8pm-10pm GMT-5.


Very cool- Ill try to meet you later ^^


I play on Red Eye Mountain as Destruction and Volkmar as Order, but these days very infrequently. I’ve been pretty busy since the New Year came around and haven’t gotten on to play as much as I’d hoped.


Red Eye Mountain:
Ezsplot - Shammie
Edloppa - Blorc
Spleenstabba - Squig Herder

Grimssen - Engineer
Jusstine -  Witch hunter


Can we sticky this one, so we have one stickied? Please? :slight_smile:

I’m primarily on

Badlands (Destruction)

Sule (Black Guard)

Vortex (Order)

Dordal (Warrior Priest)

Hashut’s Blessing:

There’s already an entire thread on this, but oh well.

I;m Vradraur Fethenhurt Griffonslayer as a Chosen on Karak-Norn, but my subscription’s run out and I cba to renew it as I had nobody to game with.


I find it amusing to note that people get upset when new threads are brought up on old subjects and are then directed to the old thread on that subject, and also, when people take it upon themselves to add replies to an old thread about a specific subject, they are committing threadomancy…

One wonders what the middle ground is…


CBA? What does this acronym mean?


Myself, I’ve never minded threadomancy if something new is being added to the topic or a question has been asked.

I think the old WAR thread is very diluted anyway. We might as well get a fresh list from people who are still playing.

Kera foehunter:

no !! i don’t play any on line games

second i haven,t played vidio games in 2 months eather


im stil a bit of a wow fanatic tbh with my new dk chaosdwarf eu ofc


When I can be bothered to play…

Mazinkaiser the Warrior Priest on Badlands


Scratchit the Squig Herder on Ungrim


laerial skyblade(order) on eltharion


you know what we should gather upp some cdos and start over togetger someday on a new server.


you know what we should gather upp some cdos and start over togetger someday on a new server.


If there are enough people (lets say 8) who agree to group and play together at least once a week I'm in.

The game was fun until I reached lvl 30 and had nobody to play with, so I quit. But If some of you guys are willing to start over together I'll surely join.


thirded! order or destruction?


Cdblunderbuss on Karak-Azgal (order).

The Stormchild:

My characters name is Thorgorar a dwarf slayer.