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I am an avid MMORPG’er and i was wondering if anyone else has played WAR. And if anyone is interested in exchanging rants about the greatness that awaits it Or the pit of money soaking failure.

Hashut’s Blessing:

A. In future, please check for topics as there are a few WAR ones floating around. B. I didn’t realise the Beta was opened yet. I’ll have to join that (pre-ordered it). C. What’s your review so far, as it sounds as though you’ve played it?


a) sorry there boss i didn’t take the time to fullly check for a a real thread, the few that i sall were more funny then review’ish like in the future i will be more hard pressed before starting a new thread. :slight_smile:

b) Its still closed beta.

C) OMG, (i’ll be relating the mass of my experiences to other MMOrpgs’s - WoW/EQ/EQ2/Galx/Planetside/heroes)

Warhammer online for me was the greatest thing since sliced bread. EA mythic has found a great way to produce a PVP and/OR pvebased game.

-At high end the way to receive top of the line gear is by Raiding rival capital cities, Which means that you will need to do both pvp and pve, in order to recieve loot.

-Public Quests are the fun/funiest questing style i have ever played, It like doing a elite group quest with your buddies that everyone can take apart in. No quest turn in’s or start ups its just sit there and play over and over. It might sound repetetive But with scenarios all around you can do a public quest in spot (A) Then walk for 45 seconds and you’ll have a completely different public quest over at spot (b) With totally different quests Like putting dwarfs in a barrel and then kicking the barell over the side of a cliff, it doesn’t get boring. PQ’s are 100% repeatable and will spawn back around 1 min after the loot chest drops.

-PVP in certain games certain classes just own, and if you have one or two really really decked out ppl can rule a battle ground of 10. In WAR its not about 1v1 or even 2v2 its about team and side versus the other team and side. Team unity far out ways a single persons masterful fighting ability, If you have all power houses and no unit the team with no gear will probably win.

-Insta ques for battleground any where, there is no longer a need for battleground masters you just flag urself and it will summon you and put you out in the same spot (anywhere you chose to sign up for the bg at)

General theme - It seems to me that they are producing a game in where u  by urself is not as cool as getting a bunch of ppl together and laying waste to another bunch of ppl. With a planetside type feel.

EDIT: btw i figured you wanted some actually insight not a vague understanding of the game

Hashut’s Blessing:

A. No worries, I understand and am partially glad you did, but shhh :wink:

B. Is it possible to use the pre-order BETA codes yet or not? (I know it