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I have been working on an article for WoH about different  deployments/ effects, and I need some advice for my last one.

Basically what I have in mind is a system whereby the defender could get a 500 pts limit to spend on walls and other defensive things (or more troops), and the attacker gets a 500 pts limit to spend on more troops or artillery support etc.

So first I’d like feedback on that idea in principle.


How many points should I give for wall sections?

I need to decide on the length (it would be a fixed size of continuous wall).  I was thinking maybe 18"?

The points cost for this obstacle to be soft cover?

The points cost for this obstacle to be hard cover?

To keep things simple the only other thing I had in mind for the defender is that they can elect to upgrade for any war machines to be entrenched (as for dwarf master engineer).  Should I give an aribrary points cost for all warmachines, or do them individually?  Something like:

If the war machine costs less than 80 pts/ model; entrenchment is 15 pts?

If the war machine costs more than 79 pts/ model; entrenchment is 30 pts?


The Attacker gets an added bonus of being able to take one war machine as core instead of special, or special instead of rare.  It will not count towards the core minimum troops required though.

In addition, the Attacker may choose to buy a number of opening barrage shots, treated as if they have been fired from behind the battlefield somewhere (so they cannot be improved by a Master Engineer), but in reality from markers that you place on the rear edge of your deployment zone.

Effectively it’s a stone thrower shot for those without these in their list.  So how many points would you charge for these?

Bear in mind that although this is intended for Chaos Dwarfs V someone, it would be nice to open it up to non CD armies as well.

I didn’t really want to go down the route of having things like emplaced swivel guns etc, too much for what I wanted.


Thommy H:

Don’t the Warhammer Siege rules from 6th Edition kind of cover all this?


Not sure exactly which rules from that you’re refering to, but in terms of the walls part I assume they were intended to be high enough that you needed ladders/ siege towers to get over them?

What I’m talking about here is hastily erected barricade syle walls more like these:

The sorts of things people would make overnight as some sort of defensive cover.  Not full scale castle walls, just small defended obstacles.

Thommy H:

The seige rules began life as a supplement to the Warhammer game in 5th Edition (and earlier). In 6th Edition they were added to the main book and later tweaked in White Dwarf. They were rules for a defender in a fortress and an attacker laying seige to them with appropriate equipment. Sadly, the 7th Edition book dropped them for some reason. They aren’t exactly what you’re talking about here, no, but they certainly touch on many of the same ideas and are the fantasy equivelent of Planetstrike, I think. Either they’ll do what you want, or they’re worth looking up for the sake of inspiration.


Planetstrike for Warhammer :slight_smile: Awesome. Not sure on any points cost though. Good luck.

Border Reiver:

I remember the rules you’re taliking about.

The idea of improvised barricades was a part of the Skirmish ruleset - I think it was set at 10pts for a 2" section of hard cover (because the barricades were made on cavalry bases, and made to look like a low stone wall) Something like a wooden fence or abatis would probably be soft cover and say 5 pts for the same distance.

The cost for entrenching a war machine looks about right, although I’d go with one cost regardless of the value of the warmachine - say 20pts, only because it really increases the survivability of the machine.

Now for the “barrage” cost. The various stone throwers in the game are failry similarly priced - say 80 pts for D3 shots?

I disagree with moving a warmachine to core from special, but that is more of a reluctance on my part to alter the rules for the composition of an army than anything else.


My ideas…

Defender: MUST take at least 1,000 points of artillery, Note that these do not take Rare/Special choices up.

MUST take at least Two lords, the leader and a combat general.

Attacker: MUST take one Siege Tower, and one Battery ram.

Somthing like that… I’d assume it would be played with lots of “Home Made” artillery


Maybe include, under things a defender could buy, scenery besides walls (a hill, river with a few ford points) and lack of scenery (kill zone).

Under attacking options maybe include buying events that happen before a battle (spies, assassination, poisoning of provisions, general taunting of defender) that effect the defender’s troops (but include a chance for failure).


I know this isn’t a thread about siege, but I’ve written a set of siege rules for the current edition:


(at the top of the thread)

Feel free to scavenge any ideas if you want (just credit me!)

Lord Sandwich:

My ideas..

Defender: MUST take at least 1,000 points of artillery, Note that these do not take Rare/Special choices up.
              MUST take at least Two lords, the leader and a combat general.
Attacker: MUST take one Siege Tower, and one Battery ram.
Somthing like that... I'd assume it would be played with lots of "Home Made" artillery

Now I may be quite new, but doesn't 1000 points of artillery seem like a little... much? That's 10 Great Cannons, or 8 Organ Guns, or 28 Spear Chukkas... You'd have to give the attacker a little more than a siege tower and a battering ram.


Its just a idea lol…