[Archive] Warhammer Quiz Competition

Lord Archaon:

I borowed the rules from here

Here are the rules;

All questions must be;

- From a Warhammer Universe (eg. Warhammer, Mordheim, Warmaster)

- Must be a person, place or thing

After someone successfuly answers the question. The person who posted it will confirm they are correct. Then that person will ask a question and it will continue from there.

After 24hrs a clue should be added If it hasn’t been guessed

After 48 hrs a new question should be implemented, the asking person earns 1 point.

You get 1 point per correct answer. Most points at the end of the month wins (end of may for this one).

So I will start it off with an easy one :wink: :

Who is the first Chaos Dragon?


Galrauch? the one with 2 heads i think.

Kera foehunter:

i see i will stink at this.

Lord Archaon:

Yeap, You’re right Torn.:slight_smile: It’s your turn to make a question.


ok cool, i wasnt too sure but i was flicking through some chaos stuff the other day it must have stuck :wink:

my question is: what happens in the city of praag at nightfall

Lord Archaon:

Wailing screams echoing from roof tops and the ground beneath the city shifting and writhing?


If I remeber right from the corrupted book, it appears vengeful spirits after nightfall


i have to give it to aki, vengeful spirits it is

Lord Archaon:

torn - 1

aki - 1

Lord Archaon - 0

It’s Your turn to ask a question aki. :cheers


Okay, my question: What is the name of the dwarf outcast who breed boar centaurs for the warmachines of the old chaos dwarfs?


Thymbrin snakebeard?


Thats right, your question Obsidan.