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i got the new white dwarf. the one with the vamp on the cover and a sneak peak (albeit a very small one) of the new Daemonettes and bloodletters, please note this is the US version. anyway i saw the pix of the Ard boy tourney winners and i saw that they were each holding a replica of a sweet 40k weapon.

i want one

anyone know a site where i can find instructions on how to make a bolter? i want to have a friend over and say “suprise! AP 5, rapid fire!!!” then i laugh cause he only has a 6+ save :slight_smile:

i saw some cool pics over at cold-moon.com
Replicas and Props for 40K:RP <—pretty cool stuff

Uzkul Werit:

This reminds me of an art project my mate did. A lifesize paper replica of a bolter.


there was the slayer of kings sword from a gw subsididaries


Some friends of mine have done some of these “conversions”, mostly for CyberPunk Roleplaying things or Fanbased movies (e.g.Damnatus)

I would recommend to base this on a toy weapon of some kind. Nerf-Guns and various other things that shoot softballs are a great thing to start from. As soon as you coat it black, you will see what I mean. Use the big guns for it. Available through mail order from the US, a bit tricky to find in the EU.

Second step is to build the charakteristic “bolter” look, with the massive pieces of encasements. Use styrofoam or plasticard or even wood for it. Depends on what you are best at. Design them to match your bolter scheme and glue them to the Nerfgun.

Third step: Design bits. Imperial eagle cut out of Cardborard or architects foamboard (dunno the English name for it), some chains, dents, and scraps on the casing to make it look used. Perhaps some markings.

fourth: Painting. Black undercoat (e.g. from GW), followed by a lot of drybrushing.

fifth: Add Purity seal, some signs with imperial saying, something funny, your choice.

et voila: You have a selfmade, originally looking and (the best part of it) softball firing bolter!!

Hope to have helped,


caos dwrf:

dude there not that hard to make. if you want it to work then cotters idea is fine but if it is just for looks use pink foam sheets(the thin ones) make layers of thee bolter then glue it together


The Slayer of Kings sword is pretty awesome. I am lucky to have one (I have a small fantasy sword collection) - leather bound grip, scalloped evil-looking blade which is actually pretty sharp. You have to watch your fingers on it. I still have to find a place to put it up on the wall though. Running out of space. :frowning:

Well worth the $500 Cdn I spent on it. It used to be made by Warp Artefacts, but I think all that was absorbed into Black Industries.