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Ancient History:

Warhammer Skirmish scenarios are basically very small battles with specific rules governing them, rather than the several thousand point battles that are the bread and butter of Warhammer playing. As such, they’re particularly good for new Chaos Dwarf players - those with few models or just getting used to maneuvering them around the battlefield - and a lot of fun for more experienced players looking for a break from the same old, same old.

The one nitpick is that none of the specific scenarios published in Warhammer Skirmish actually feature Chaos Dwarfs - a minor setback, and more than made up for by the fact that Games Workshop has published all of these scenarios online, making them much more accessible. Scenarios can also be used as smaller adventures in a campaign, giving bonuses to subsequent battles.

The Artillery Duel has natural appeal for Chaos Dwarf players - magically-reinforced Earthshaker Cannons (and Death Rockets, depending on how you read the rules)? Yes please!

The main problem with the Assassin scenario is that Chaos Dwarfs lack assassins - for flavor, however, you could easily substitute a Hobgoblin Hero and a unit of Sneaky Gits.

Attack at the Inn might best be adapted for Chaos Dwarfs as a fortified supply depot in the Dark Lands (if the Chaos Dwarfs are the defenders), perhaps on the Road of Skulls; or as a fortified inn on the Spice Road to Ind (if the Chaos Dwarfs are the attackers). Also see Inn Trouble.

Hunt the Hatchling is best suited for campaigns, as it is perfectly logical for greedy Chaos Dwarf adventurers to enslave and sell hatchling hydras to the Dark Elves for gold and gems - alternately, the scenario might be adapted for capturing a wild Lammasu or Great Taurus. Compare with the Egg Hunt scenario.

Baggage Train is a perfectly suitable scenario for any army, including Chaos Dwarfs.

Bones to Pick is especially suitable for the Plain of Bones, or as an interlude in a campaign in Khemri or Sylvania, but Ghouls can show up at any battlefield.

Bridging the Gap is suitable for Chaos Dwarf players, either as attackers or (perhaps especially) as defenders against invaders trying to ford the River Ruin. Compare with the Cut the Bridges scenario.

Bring Out Your Dead is too specific a scenario for Chaos Dwarfs, who field no necromancers.

Catch 'Em In the Rye is, again, a bit too specific - unless of course the Chaos Dwarfs have staged an ambush to enslave the Goblins as they pick their mushrooms…same-same with Horse Thieves.

Chaos Rampage is too specific for Chaos Dwarfs - unless you want to replace the town watch with Chaos Dwarf models. Somewhat similar is the Desecrate the Monolith scenario.

The Chase is suitable for any Warhammer army, though the Chaos Dwarfs fare less well at these movement-based scenarios.

Civil War works for Chaos Dwarfs. See [[Chaos Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs]].

Claiming the Gate is, as the Alternate Armies suggests, very appropriate for Chaos Dwarfs, who live on the edges of the Chaos Wastes. Also compare with the Alternate Armies suggestion in Destroy the Herdstone or the Pitch Black scenario.

Come Into My Parlour - who knows what dangers lie in the Dark Lands? Here There Be Dragons or Lightning’s Children might be more appropriate, however.

Forget Dark Elves - make this a Chaos Dwarf Slaving Raid.

Escape From Lustria could theoretically work - as long as you aren’t using the actual Lustria rules, which basically kill the Chaos Dwarf blunderbuss. Very similar in theme is Labyrinth

As far as siege tactics go, Gate Crashers, Gates of Iron, and Scale the Walls are all highly suitable.

In this Gotrek and Felix scenario, a simple subsitution of Hobgoblins for Goblins makes this a Chaos Dwarf scenario. Very similarly, check out Guard ‘The Magnificent’.

Greedy Chaos Dwarf generals will like the Lost Tomb of Hamon Ra or the Lure of Treasure.