[Archive] Warhammer Visions a disappointment


I just watched a review on Youtube. Essentially its like a coffee table book about the size of a readers digest. Photos of miniatures with next to no text or content. Im not sure what they hoped to accomplish with this, but for me it is an epic fail. It certainly is not worth $12.00.


Do you have a link to the review?



Sorry I posted from my phone earlier and couldn’t get the link to copy over for some reason.


Yea if i want to look at pictures of mini’s ive got the internet thanks.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

You guys didn’t see the page for Chaos Dwarfs in there?

Also, it has a section showing how to paint Tyranids in there too.


Yea if i want to look at pictures of mini's ive got the internet thanks.



Just watched this - weak effort, GW.


…More than 10 Euros for a picture magazine? Really? If I want to look at inspirational Warhammer pics I have the web already. Thanks.


I was going to have a look in a shop just out of curiosity, but I don’t think I’ll bother now.

I was hoping that by separating out hobby stuff from the obvious new thing of the month they would have more content like stories etc. But this is not what I expected at all…


Well I am currently a subscriber and got my monthly white dwarf in the post so I was interested to see what dropped through the letterbox on Saturday.

I really wasn’t happy.

I gave it a while to mull over and return to it a few time to see if my opinion mellowed a little. It hasn’t.

The Warhammer Visions magazine was much smaller than I was expecting and is almost exclusively pictures and captions (in three languages) There is a heavily pictorial battle report in there and some “how to” paint tyranids which basically comes down to buy these paints and apply them in this order.

The First issue of the white dwarf that came with it is slightly better and might be worth a buy if there’s anything in there to interest you on a given week but I think this is the end of my regular buying days.

I really wanted them to have pulled it out of the bag and had a proper reset of the magazine to be truly worthy of the fond memories I have of my early days in the hobby. Sadly it’s gone further down the route it’s been heading for a while and I’m sad to say this is finally the straw that broke the camel’s back and I’m going to cancel my subscription.




As expected, then. As for the Warhammer weekly White Dwarf, it is about the standard one could hope to get for a weekly magazine, and nothing more. It’s not good enough by a long shot to be worth a subscription.

I’ll return to the magazine once it’s monthly, reasonably priced and packed full with actual content again. Then GW can have my money, again.


The visions magazine was terrible and as everyone else has said, the internet shows so much more why spend £7.50 per month?

The weekly mag may be ok IF it is something that youa re interested in.

I am a Warhammer fan and have next to no interest in 40k and so if it is a 40k weekly issue, I will give it a miss, if fantasy, Il buy it.

from that pint of view the weekly issue could be quite good.