[Archive] Warhammer Waterloo


Hi guys. Can anyone help me out? I’m looking to get my hands on warhammer Waterloo by GW historical. Does anyone have a copy that they’d like to sell or trade?? Please help!


I have a copy and could be persuaded to part with it.

I would prefer a trade and am interested in metal big hat infantry including zonk cast or forge world chaos dwarfs.

The book is in mint condition. I will post a pic tomorrow of its condition for you.



Ps I am in Australia so let me know where you are


Cheers. Pm sent.

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Very cool book btw, I’m glad to have it as a part of my collection :slight_smile:

Does GW still produce historical? I heard they were going to stop that line…


No they’ve stopped them. My games group have started getting into Napoleonics and they use the warhammer rulebook so I’ve been hoping to pick one up…