[Archive] Warhs Freestyle Sculpting GH pictures!


Man I would love a sorcerer like that for my RH list.


thank you:hat off

Loki: you newer knows what plans the great Hashut has for them:hashut



I’m guessing these will be… aviators? hint! hint!

Looking forward to seeing these finished, keep it up :cheers


Borador: whats a aviator?



the dwarf on baradors avatar is an aviator ^^

nice progress and I also like the first two greens. Sculpting is pretty cool, isn’t it?


the dwarf on baradors avatar is an aviator ^^
nice progress and I also like the first two greens. Sculpting is pretty cool, isn't it?

Thank you:)

Yes, sculpting is awsome!


Looking great, is the cyborg going to be used as a hero or just for display?


nice work Warh!

Like snot said, one of those piloty persons is an aviator ^^

as an example of one of the old school aviators ;D


Borador: ok, i dont think theres ones will be aviators.

Kered: i dont know what i will use him for, maybe a blunderbuss because he got a gun:yar



I really like the model to the left, especially his mask :cheers

One tip though, if you want to cast these sometime in the future,

use thick brass rods instead of plasticard, since the plastic will melt during vulcanization.

If you make your own silicon molds its no problem, but if you send them away for spincasting,

they’ll need to stand a heat of 150 degrees celsius.

For a little constructive criticism, the dwarf to the right got pretty long legs, more like orc propotions than dwarf…

But hey, not every dwarfs has to have short legs :smiley:

It’s very interesting to follow your progress,



Thank you:)

I know that I should use brass rods insted of plastic if I want them casted in a machine but I don’t have any plans of casting them right now,

most of the minis I have sculpted here are moastly practice on new sculpting technics and styles of chaos dwarfs.

But I would like to start casting in the future:P


I really like where blunderbuss guy is headed. Makes me want to try and make one myself :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the cyber dwarf, shame that you can’t have a blunderbuss hero or lord.

Da Crusha:

great looking progress my fav is the wizard one. would be great If he got casted I know Id pick one up.

your work really is inspiring I feel like trying to sculpt some of my own now. but its nice to see how more experienced guys do it first.


Great work, Warh. Like seeing you’ve started give them legs and knees. They almost start to look like old pre-hashut Chaos Dwarf - that’s great.

- and who know if you keep pushing yourself - you dream might come true.

Keep it up :wink:

This site is turning more and more into a sculpting collective - d**n I like it :smiley:


maybe a bit late to post this one but heres my GH11 entery

i could have made the fire better and someting else than the lava beard on

the staff but otherwise im happy with it


no reply:|

ok then it’s  time for something new

it’s still WIP as you can see


nice WIP dude =] keep it up!!


Hey Warh that one would be a cool mass production sort fo a guy, Did you ever think of getting a mould made for that guy so you can churn out your masses for the armies of Hashut ?



Thorne: yhea, I started this one to be casted when i was going to order some resin, but the shipment was on 70$:mad so i did not order it.
when i find some other resin i will try to cast it