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Hi, I was wondering what type of timber the Chaos Dwarfs used for their warmachines ?

I have stripped all of my 3rd. edition figures and want to start painting them this week, and have a uniform colour scheme for all the timber work.

From the the fluff books I’ve read I’m thinking of sub arctic/tundra type trees, I’m not sure if this is right though ? Most of the pines we have out here (Australia) are very light in colour and this doesn’t fit in with my thoughts of a colour scheme.

It all probably sounds a bit over the top but, but I want it to look as authentic as possible. I’m making a diorama to display them on when I’m not using them and this also has some trees to go on it, so it all needs to be part of a bigger picture, thanks heaps, :hat off, dragoncrag


I used for my 3rd edition army a middle dark brown, if it´s realistic … I don´t know … but IMO it looks good! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is the link: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4116&page=1

I painted all my warmachines with the same brown type, so you have to look the whole threat to see them all!


Pyro Stick:

The way i think about it is that the 3rd edition models were the first to inhabit the dark lands so since they got there first they would have used whatever wood was there to build their warmachines. So im just painting my wood scorched brown with bestial brown highlights. I assume you are talking about painting the Jugger and Whirlwind/Tenderiser. Check this thread to see everyone else’s: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=2479

I thought i had uploaded pics of my teneriser but i guess i didnt bother since i was waiting to get an undamaged axle and i was trying to make it a working machine. The hammers go up and down but they go to the sides and bang together.


Might not be exactly correct to have these growing in the Planes of Zharr, but our Dalbergia melanoxylon (African black wood) would fit in with the area somewhat.  I’d imagine they’d grow along the border in the south east and west maybe (?).

Inside the wood looks similar to this:

Circassian Walnut Burl is also pretty amazing-looking, and I’ll happily donate 50 slaves to someone who can convincingly pull off a painted model with it (limited time offer, expires Dec 31st, 2009)

Another Circassian Walnut Burl shot:

Of course they might also have expeditions into the Eastern and Western mountains to have slaves fell great numbers of trees line pine.  Once the timber has been around Zharr Naggrund or even in close proximity to any of the Dawi Zharr cities for a time I’d imagine all of the ash in the air as well as acidic moisture would quickly turn the wood very dark, almost black-ish.

Just a thought.


Dead Kennedy:

I’d tend to weigh in on the side of blackened wood. Either from the tree naturally having the colour and texture (as shown in the above post), or just getting crudded up by living in the industrial zone the Chaos Dwarfs inhabit. Black with veins of dark brown would look pretty sharp…

Also worth thinking about: since the paradigm of Chaos Dwarf warmachines is changing towards demonic engines, you could have some really messed up wood resulting from the (if wood is still even a valid building material). Spines growing from it, hooks, howling faces, all kinds of liberties could be taken with demonic timbers!


I don’t think they would use wood at all. Like the 6th ed Dwarfs, I think CDs would view wood as for burning and make everything from metal or stone. Only the Hobgoblin machines would be wooden.

Dead Kennedy:

Actually, that’s a darn good point. I totally forgot about that change in Dwarf attitude!

captain carrot:

IMO thats a stupid change in attitude. Wood is strong and light which means that its easy to transport. Compared to metal that is heavy. Wood can easily repaired on the field of battle if any damages happen. Wood is an all round better materila IMO.


Fluffwise I think CD would use Iron as it would be easier to come by than wood.

I’d have to go with black.  Maybe codex grey + a little chaos black for limited highlights.

I know it’s all in the eye of the beholder, but I personally think black wood looks more evil.

Like this: