[Archive] Warmachine idea


I have been thinking recently about a warmachine to represent the Death Rocket in my list.

As I don’t want to include any ‘rockets’ (saving them for a unit of Rocketeers) I have 2 ideas here.

The first is this:

This warmachine is move and shoot (if only in appearance), carried by 2 DZ with a 3rd crew member at the back.��It turns bones/ flesh etc into a wave of daemonic energy that sucks the life out of anything it touches.��Victims end up horribly mutated, bursting daemons out of chest etc.

The second. Its only a quick sketch to get some feedback.

This one is based on a gyroscope.��It spins faster and faster then opens up a small tear into the realm of chaos in the centre that somehow sucks the life force out of an intended target.��You’d have to read my fluff to learn more about why this would fit in.

I have yet to figure out how its aimed, though I did think about some sort of skull bit mounted on the front?��The gyroscope bit and frame is pretty much finished (with some runes added around the edge), but the rest is still WIP as I think about it more.

The arrows show the height of a CD for scale.


Deamonic dakka love it ,those are some great concepts Grim look forward to seeing more:hat off. The gyroscope idea is the coolest wpn concept use a obsidian focusing crystal for targetting?or crystal skull ala mayan skulls;)


Even if your opponent does not let you use the gyroscope as a war machine, it could be used as a objective for a game. Nice job. :cheers


If I happen to find a cheap plastic gyro the right size it would be quite quick to build as well.

I love the idea of the mayan crystal skull.��Would be worthy of some suitably shaped see through beads for the eyes (if I could find them).


At the end of the Nemesis Campaign I wrote a story about one of these ‘going critical’.��Basically it malfunctions and creates a massive explosion, then magical vortex that sucks the life force out of the forest and nearby armies.��I think it was Bretonnians and Chaos.

Kera foehunter:

Wow grims thats so cool great idea!!