[Archive] Warmachine Mercenaries as CD?


Take a look at these:

Horgenhold Forge Guard | Privateer Press

Does anyone have any size comparisons w. the PP dwarves? Could be a fun alternative for Ironsworn, for example.


More important how well would these rank up lol…


I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t even fit on a 20mm base let alone rank up! I think they’d be noticably bigger than Infernals


But might work as 40mm unit fillers?


I think warmachine models are in the 30mm scale? But FW chaos dwarfs are a head taller than GW dwarfs anyway so they might not look to out of place.


Does this help?

Google has the answer to all things in life!


To bring them directly face to face to the GW Chaos Dwarfs would be much better! :wink:


Cat Fashions:

This wouldn’t be too shabby for bull centaurs. You could stick 2 on a base and have dwarven iron men running down your flanks.


I do prefer Baggronor’s Royal guard :slight_smile:


I do prefer Baggronor's Royal guard :-)
Yeag, Bagg's dwarf models are IMO the best non FW/GW chaos dwarf models around,

Back on topic, I think they are too big for usage around other CD models. What are ironsworn meant to look like anyway?

Da Crusha:

well those bases look like 30mm display bases if that helps anyone.


I own twenty of them for my Rhullic Mercenaries, and they’re roughly equivilent size to Infernal Guard.

Not a fan of them as a Chaos Dwarf representative, though. Just don’t really fit my aesthetic.


I own twenty of them for my Rhullic Mercenaries, and they're roughly equivilent size to Infernal Guard.

Could you post a pic with the different minis (old CDs, FW ones and the PTP Mercenaries), so that we all would be able to evaluate the sizes!?!?



Sure, will post when I get home from work.