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Ishkur Cinderhat:

Cute! :slight_smile: But why are all the bases unfinished?


I never finish anything…

Hang on Cute??? lol okaaay…

Kera foehunter:

looks great i like the green and white colors that you used!!


nice mercs.

I have yet to play a game of WM/Hordes but have painted up loadsa minis for it. They make a nice change and are really nice sculpts.


The green and white is very nice - reminds me of the Mentor space marine Legion - shame that they don’t have the cool rules they used to have like targetter web…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I really like these guys! they are beautifully painted, especially the Greenskins.

I tried to get people interested in War Machine in my hobby store a few years ago and everyone wanted Warhammer.

Finally I get Warhammer and now no one wants it. I guess these are the joys of running a Hobby store.

Well, here’s my Khador guys that I finished and painted. This was my original insperation for “Soviet” uniforms for my armies.

They are more fun to paint, IMO, because they are larger and more detailed.


Photos of My Warmachine dwarf army / warband. Note in Warmachine the Dwarves are not an official “Faction” but they can be fielded together as a “Mercenary contract”.

Rhulic Searforge Warcaster Gorten Grunback & and Ogrun Bokur (bodyguard). Gorten is a Brutal Warcaster in game, very hard to deal with.

Driller - Seriously scarey, mostly anything on the reciving end of a charge from a driller which is properly resourced will be as dead as a dodo.

Gunners & A Blaster - Neither of the Rhulic (Dwarven) Warcasters have a lot of resources to play with, however these jacks are exceedingly efficient.

Warcaster Durgen Madhammer & Rockram - Durgen is certified insane, mostly everyone hates to work with him because he just loves to blow things up…

Thor Steinhammer & Lord Rockbottom. - Thor is a JAck marshal, meaning he can control jacks (e.g. the Driller or Gunners), Thor is disputably the best Jack marshal capable of running some jacks to BETTER effect than a Warcaster. Rockbottom is (as you may have guessed) a Pirate pay master. He is a support model in game, but he also comes with a Firebelcher which can be VERY handy.

Herne & Jonne - Herne (the dwarf) is a Gun smith, Jonne was his bodyguard / turned friend and now wields a triple barrelled mortor basically…

Horgenhold Forgeguard - Totally and utterly Brutal. The only issue on table with these guys is keeping them alive long enough as they become bullet magnets as soon as they get close to the enemy!

Lesser warlock Brun Cragback & Lug - From Warmachine’s sister game Hordes, but allowable in the Dwarf Mercenary contract this pair are plain and simple beatsticks. On table it’s all about getting lug into the same fight as Brun as they have a bonus when they can both attack the same enemy.

I do have another unit the “Hammerfall High shields” however they are due a re-paint and thus I have not got any decent photos of them.

There is also another Warjack the “Basher” which is a totally hilarious device for slamming your opponents models all over the table, but it was only released in December so I’ve not yet got more than about half way through painting it.


Always loved the look of the warmachine miniatures, but I have never even seen them in any stores here in the UK :frowning: Never mind, I will sit and look at these instead! now I am going to have to try and stop myself building a unit filler for my Chaos Dwarves normal warriors unit that looks like a light warjack…

Good stuff there, and I rather like the dull metal paint schemes on your dwarves - they look suitably mercenary, with a hint of pride and brute force mixed in


No you wont find them in many stores in the UK, unfortunately no-one can compete with GW, and even they are closing down stores, however they are round about (Dublin has 2) East sussex, Brighton has the biggest I’ve ever been to and London has a couple as well, they are few and far between, however online retails are all over the place!

Waylands games, Arcane miniatures, Maelstrom games to name but a few!. PP miniatures are expensive compared to Warhammer (being mostly plastic), however the first picture I posted is probably all you’ll ever need to play even the largest games (well some more infantry definitely but not a lot else) it’s trying to resist the temptation to but the newest thing for your army that’s soooo hard :slight_smile: lol.

Warmachine is an excellent game but you have to be lucky in the UK to live near a great community that plays it the UK Warmachine website has a list of them, but from that list there are only about 20 hotspots in the entire UK that are BIG on Warmachine… (though I bet there are more that just don’t use the internet to advertise).

For instance the Brighton store stocks and sells loads of it, I live no more than 25 miles away but don’t know a single players down there, all the players I know are from the town I used to live (Crawley West Sussex).

Thank you RE. the scheme, and that is pretty much what I was going for!


It’s the first time I see this thread!

Great minis these Warmachine ones! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the 2nd Warjack in the 1st thread and your Dwarven Warband is awesome - great paintjob and paint scheme! :hat off

Also the Bear in his armour is so cool!

Would really like to see more of your stuff! :cheers



Well today I posted my LOTR army, Warhammer army and I have various other threads from way back when will most of my conversions on…:
And another of some of my own unfinished sculpting:

Which is pretty much EVERYTHING I’ve got (well… everything that’s close to finished at least).

So i’m guessing you mean more warmachine…?

I’ve not got a lot else and it’s all Work in progress but here goes:
Newest dwarf warjack, released 16th December

Warcaster Major “siege” Brisbane (Converted Cygnar (the “good guys” in Warmachine) caster to make him into a dwarf), and a Journeyman Warcaster. These guys I basically used along with one Cygnar warjack and then a whole load of Mercs. Legally it was a Cygnar army, but thematically it was a Merc army :slight_smile:

This is a Reaper dwarf miniature which I’ve used in games before I had Brun Cragback painted.

Oh and a GW ratling converted into a Dwarf sniper for warmachine… there is no rules out there I just saw it and had to do it lol.

And that’s all I have photos of…
Oh actually I don’t think I’ve posted my unfinished Necromunda gang… lol


Some pictures in the first post were not working (for me at least) so I’ve re-done the links.


Thanks for the information Maxxev, I will have to have a look into Warmachine in the UK. Steampunk really appeals to me, I suppose thats why I started modelling Chaos Dwarves after years away from Warhammer… unfortunately I now have the overwhelming urge to go back and try modelling the Steamtech Vampire Counts Army I once had in mind at the same time! Someone save me!

I really like your converted sniper! He fits well with the rest of the force, and if anyone is going to have accurate rifle’s and precision fire it has to be the Dwarves! >raises a beer in your honour< :cheers I will now wait on that Necromunda gang :slight_smile:


Love the paint jobs- sniper reminds me of a eldar ranger.


The latest one, has had the most work in order to look like he’s mid stride.


Privateer press released a new unit attachment for my Hammerfall units (none pictured above as none painted yet), so I bought them… then realised that I had 3 units of Hammerfall… so why not have 3 units attachments… not going to buy them though… oh look I have 34 hammerfall models (10 to a unit)… hmmm

WIP photos

Finished models

And the start of the 2nd UA
Note: I managed to cut this guys thumb off when cleaning up a mold line so I need to resulpt that lol.

A Sgt for a Hammerfall unit

Kneeling Hammerfall from the running posed model


lol, they match my empire army!!

perhaps they should have a mek wing :smiley:


Still need to re-sculpt the thumb


Your dwarfs are really cool! :slight_smile: