[Archive] Warped Resin -HELP!

Ugly Green Trog:

Hey all

I got to assembling my IG command last night and I noticed that the banner pole was seriously warped, I’ve heard hot water works but I am a little apprehensive of the How hot how long thing as I’m dealing with a kit of £16 value, Any advice?

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Welcome to summer! Try placing your miniature on the dash of your car in the sun. Once it is suitably warm, you should be able to adjust the pole back into position and let cool. Do NOT however let it get so hot the entire model starts to melt.

Ugly Green Trog:

Ok perhaps I’ll give that a go I am terrified of melting it proper lol


Hot tap water works fine. It’s not going to damage anything… you might if you bend it too far, but as long as the resin is warmed up it’ll be pliable. Just warm it up and apply gentle figure pressure. I’ve done this with at least half of my fireglaive weapons as well as a bunch of the new CD warmachine parts… it’s so easy and safe I don’t even consider not doing it, it’s that easy!

Leaving it in the sun would take too long for my limited patience :wink:


Ishkur Cinderhat:

How hot and how long depends on the thickness of the material. I used 70°C water to straighten the barrels of my Macharius Vanquisher super heavy battletank - it took just about 10 seconds or so to get them soft enough to do that.

Just make sure you use cold water on it immediately once you have straightened it so that it will stay in this shape.


You can turn your stove on and hold the resin about a foot to a foot and a half and then bend it pretty quickly. I’ve done a few pieces this way, and it’s an easy way to warm it just a bit very quickly, then bend it it your hands. Sometimes you may nred to do a few reps to get it just right.

Although as others have pointed out, leaving it in your car for a few hours can work, but that isn’t always a good thing :slight_smile:


I’ll just add my support to the above advice. The only things I’d add for this case is:

* Do it right by the sink. Keep a bowl or saucer of cold water right by it.

* Run the hot water until you have an 2-3 inches of hot water.

* Toss the part that needs to be straightened into the water.

* Leave it for a bit, make sure its nice and warm and soft.

* Pick it up, holding it as straight as possible.

* Turn to the pot and place it on the bottom of the saucer as quickly as possible.

* Press down on the part (but not too much) - if it has a relatively straight profile, the saucer will act as a brace and keep it straight, rather than you trying to hold it straight.

Keep the cold water as close as possible to the hot water. Think of the cold water as a “fixing bowl” - whatever shape the resin is when it goes into the water is what the resin will take.

Really springy (i.e: long and thin) parts like swords and stuff might take a few goes to get it straightened out: they’ll tend to try to go back to their curved form rather than the straight one you want. In these cases you might need to bend them further against the curve, so that when it cools, the resin will bend back into the straight form rather than the original curved form. Just don’t over do it.

Nothing can really go wrong, with the heating/cooling, so I’d recommend just giving it a whirl.

Ugly Green Trog:

Thanks for the advice the banner pole has a kinda straightened out S shape atm so I was anticipating it may take a few goes to get right I’ll let you know how it turns out :slight_smile: