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That is trully amazing. I wish I could sculpt stuff from scratch(right now I can only add bitz of armour and make curly beards). Good luck on your next sculpting venture.


wow, big saurus dude crtter thing of awesomeness

I love it muchly, so when is it being painted?


awsome model, can’t wait to see it painted.


looks really cool, the only things i think could do with some work are his spines on his back. there are a few fingerprints showing in there, although its not that big of a deal as you probably wont see when its painted anyway.


torn: Always the pernickity one…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well folks, paintwork has been started, i hope to spend quite a while on this guy, so stay tuned!



Well guys, i shall start with the bad news…

The paintjob on the saurus went TERRIBLY, so i decided to soak it in some paint stripper to get all of it off…

Unfortuneatly it melted the entire model!

However, the good news is, i’ve got some more do-lallies for y’all!

Firstly my new slann, i am VERY impressed with this model, i think it’s my cleanest sculpt yet!

My next is a Nurgle herald i’m doing for a ‘customer’, its just about finished though methinks it needs something…any ideas?

And last but not least, anyone remember my thread i did a few months ago about my e-bay auction for a bunch of poorly poorly poorly converted bull centaurs?


Well, i worked the old ‘Warplock’ magic on one of them, and came up with this guy!

I’ve had this guy done for a few months now, just never got round to taking any piccy-atures

So waddya think?

Kera foehunter:

great bull centaur !!the flamming frog guy is cool too


I love the new models, but the loss of the Saurus is really tragic. Casts of that one would have made you a mint. You really should consider doing some tutorials - armatures for non humans, smooth finishes on skin, spines are a few examples of the type of thing. I’d especially love to know how you did that weapon for the herald. At this rate a website might be in order. You really are a superb talent


Dude that really sucks to hear about the Saurus hero. The other stuff looks really good though. I really like the slan. The Nurgle beastman looks fairly good, might need some more work to make him look more plague riden though. BC looks really cool as wel. Are you gonna put him on a cavalry base?


WHAT THE H*LL? Seriously HOW good are you? I suddenly have this urge to throw away my “normal” Lizzards. :~

No but seriously. WOW. (words fail me) ^^

Knight Of Awsome:

wow some really nice sculpts, but ( yes theres a but ) you need to work on getting the fingerprints off…


How much are you charging the guy for the herald?


Thanks for the many many positive comments!

AGPO: I’m not even sure if the guy is going to buy, so if anyone else is interested, don’t hesitate to ask!

Paintwork has almost finished on the slann, and i think i have done quite a good job so far (touch wood), i have based the paintjob on the slann on the front of the lizzie rule book

All things well, pics should be up tomorrow!

Hashut’s Blessing:

All looking good. Shame about that Saurus, but it means you get to remake it :smiley: Make any changes you may have wanted. The slann looks good, a little small, but it may be perspective as well as personal taste. The herald looks uber. I think what’s not right is there aren’t enough boilsd and the like and the arms are a little too plain. Ergo, put some boils on the arms :smiley: That bull looks great, but personal taste dictates a shorter bull body for the height. I like the branded symbol of Hashut, good touch. All in all, excellent work and the changes I’ve suggested are personal taste!


Well my friends, heres is my slann, all painted and shiney like!


- Warplock


Looks great Warplock! Keep up the good work! Do you have any shots of the back of that Slaan?

nerd :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice, like it a lot!


Top work, are you gonna build palaquins for the two of them? You’d better have a lot of lizards, two Slaans is uber-beardy


Ahhhh im not sure if im upto the palanquin…to many straight lines shudder

I think the plan is that ill buy a metal palanquin dead cheap off E-Bay, and convert it a bit

I made this guy, who i have christened Hepoq-Tan, smaller than the big guy so that he would fit easier into a GW palanquin, the other ones a bit too beefy to fit :~

I plan to do quite a bit of conversion work on the ‘magic chair’, with a few grizzly bits and a huge stegadon skull on the back of the chair. I’ve made him to be a 5th generation slann, who are alot more aggressive than their mostly medatating older siblings, so to syumbolise iv given him a dark red colour, the fireball and the grizzly tropheys on the palanquin

Any more ideas?

Pyro Stick:

That has to be one of the coolest looking lizardmen i have ever seen.