[Archive] Warpstone Issue 28


I bought this yesterday (and it arrived today :hat off), because there is a long article on chaos dwarfs in it (long and detailed unofficial fan fiction).

It’s basically an unofficial (not licensed, not canon) magazine for warhammer role play that’s been going many years and is due to stop being printed I believe after issue 30.

I’ve emailed the editors to ask if they will allow me to do a full review of the cd article for word of hashut.

If they agree, and seeing as the coverage that word of hashut gets means it could potentially be sold out for a long time, I thought it was only fair to let you guys and gals know in advance, incase you wanted to buy it. :wink:

If they don’t agree I will do a break down on here for those who don’t want to buy it.  Summarised though, no long excerpts.

The article is 25 pages.  4 pages are mainly stats for roleplay, but with short descriptions.  


I really suggest you buy this, it’s quite similar in fluff to your vision.  Inspirational stuff.

I won’t say more at this point (as it would defeat the object of the WoH article), depending on whether they let me do an article for WoH or not.

Some of the art is from our very own Igorvet, so hopefully we could use some of that in WoH anyway.


Is that the same stuff that was on their website a while back?


Probably, as the current issue is #29 and #28 is winter 2008/2009.
There is also a free 8-page download with the Lore of Hashut (for the player character CD Sorcerer from Realms of Corruption) and some NPC stats for Chaos Dwarfs:

Ancient History:

I wrote the Barak Char article in the back. Just sayin’.


Yeah, John and John are cool guys.

It’s a shame they’re winding up WS. I have all of them, it’s great.