[Archive] Warrior+Crewdwarf


First off, better pictures of my competition entry:

And then better pictures of my finished Doomblaster Crewdwarf.

Lord Zarkov:

Looking Good!


Looks really cool, much better pics on the first guy to what we saw before.
I think you have the flame colours the wrong way around though. White is the hottest and then you build up to red at the end with the use of yellows.

I wouldn’t bother with greeens/blues when doing fire.


Wow, such awesome work on that Hellcannon crewman. Such a rusted, aged look, which is brilliant. Well done!


You’ve got a real menacing paint scheme going there! Really captures the theme IMO as the colours are tonally similar.


I absolutely love the crewman :hat off He is to me what all modern Chaos Dwarfs should look like.

How did you do the rust/soot/dirt on the metal as it is something I would like to try for my CDs




You chaos dwarfs look like they come from a poor part of

Zharr Naggrund.Also nice rust.



The crewdwarf is my favourite model, as well. The skin is a mix of Dark Flesh, Blood Red and Chaos Black, highlighted with increasing mixes of Skull White.