[Archive] Warriors of Chaos, 2000 pts


Hi everybody. I hope you’ll forgive me if I submit a non-CD army list :wink:

Finally I’m gonna have a game on saturday (after a long long hiatus), against Lizardmen.

I’m thinking of taking out my tzeentchy flying circus, that last time brought me a massacre (wooohooo!) against the coldblooded foes, with some variation.

My opponent is known to have a big pride, so, since last time I left on the table only his loved oldblood (with 1 wound left) and wiped out everything else, I think he’s not gonna use a slann. He wants to demonstrate he’d lose because of dices :wink:

Anyway. Usually I use a magic heavy/cavalry heavy list, but this time I’m putting in some infantry and a hellcannon (didn’t use against him last time).


1. Sorcerer Lord, MoT, level 4, Disc, Enchanted shield, Talisman of protection, Spell familiar, Rod of torment

My little flying tank; the familiar is obviously to increase the chances to get the gateway (which I almost never cast, but makes the opponent nervous and drains scrolls and DD); I’m not taking a Morrslieb armour because there’ll be at least 2 skink priests, and uranon’s bolt could kill my lord; rod of torment is for decimating skinks without spending PD, though I’m not sure of his value

2. Sorcerer, MoT, level 2, disc, dispel scroll, power familiar, bloodcurling roar

just discovered that the roar isn’t a “once per game” item… I’m a happy kid :slight_smile:

3. Sorcerer, MoN, level 2, steed, infernal puppet

with so many dices and sorcerers, the puppet is a must


1. 5 Warhounds

2. 5 Warhounds

3. 5 Warhounds

4. 5 Horsemen, MoS, flails, musician

5. 5 Horsemen, MoS, flails, musician

6. 12 Chaos warriors, MoS, shields, standard bearer, Rapturous standard

in my plan these guys should keep the centre of the army and to work as an anvil; the 2+ AS in HtH and the magic standard should be able to make them last until I’m able to flank with something else


1. 5 Knights, MoK, musician

fast hammer, I just have to keep them away from the EOTG, otherwise they can crush almost everything

2. 5 Ogres, MoK, great weapons, chaos armours

an intermediate unit, I usually use them with the mark of Nurgle, but I felt I needed more attacks… though I’m still thinking if switch them for 3 dragon ogres (I’ll have to lend the models though)


1. Hellcannon

I love it. It’s worth to use it even just to see the face of the opponent when you deploy it, or to see him make awkward moves with his pricy units to avoid the doom, mwhahahahaha

PD: 11

DD: 6

I hope I’m not gonna face a slann and 2 engines…

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!! :slight_smile:


If you’re going for a real competitive (harsh) list against a narky opponent, you may as well go all the way: Double Hellcannons and 3 units of Knights…

I would go for the usual Golden Eye of Tzeentch on the lord, I doubt the rod will be worth it. Lurk behind terrain and Gateway spam… or go Undivided, take shadow magic and drop the stegadons down a hole… or put him on a dragon and mug stuff…

Whats with the warhounds? Just for table quarters? If so, then 2 units should be enough.

12 warriors isn’t worth the effort, a few missiles/spells and they’re a liability. If they can’t take a stegadon charge, they aren’t much of an anvil. I would drop them, get another unit of horsemen and more knights.

Blasted Standard is also nice.



First of all, your 42 points over.

Onwards to the list - I don’t really think the rod is worth it either; its a little overpriced in my opinion for a Bound lvl3.

I’m also rather uncertain about that unit of Ogres; I think it might be a little big to be effective( 4 instead of 5 maybe? )

Otherwise, the idea behind the list looks pretty solid.


Baggronor: no, it’s a friendly match, even if my friend is competitive. I don’t want to start rants about “how cheesy is your list and bla bla bla” :smiley:

Two units of warhounds are screening the knights and the ogres, the third is supposed to screen the warriors, but I could use it to contend a quarter. I really love warhounds, last game with lizardmen ran over a full kroxigor unit :slight_smile:

About the warriors, I just wanted to try something new. I know the effectivness of the knights (actually my fav unit in the whole armylist with the hellcannon)…

The golden eye (as the Morrslieb armour) isn’t an option in my eyes. Since my friend isn’t likely to take a slann, the magic will all come from skink priest (two for sure, maybe 3), and they’re using heavens, that has no magic missiles (lightning, thunderbolt and comet aren’t). So the golden eye is pretty useless, since it protects only from normal and magic missiles. I would take it in a tourny, but here I don’t want to lose my sorcerer lord due to a lucky thunderbolt :~

Skittles: actually I’m only 2 points over O.o, and I’m playing with a friend, so usually we have a tolerance limit of 5-10 pts

About the rod, you could be right… I thought about a way to get rid of the skinks without wasting a flickering fire, or to drain at least 1 DD. I could switch it for another dispel scroll and the conjoined homunculus, or something else.

Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

so that how chaos warrior win ???they have different point rating

i see 40 or 2 points over


what is the point limit of your game?


what is the point limit of your game?

2000 pts
Anyway, it's a game between friends, when we meet we see if somebody went over the limit and adjust the lists, so usually it's not a problem. Still, I went over by just 2 points :P