[Archive] Warriors of chaos - gearing up with big beasties


With the summer Warhammer expansion approaching I’ve decided to finally get round to the chaos warriors I’ve dabbled with for the last few years.

My woc have been the victim of shiny new thing for too long. When I gathered up all I had lying around I can build a pretty big army and have a few centrepieces too.

Without further ado here is a quick pic of a project I’ve been working on for the last 2 years on and off. Better pics to come but here is the £10 mammoth!


Need more pics!!! That’s for sure !!! But how the hell did you make that for £10 ? That’s awesome



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Looks great, give us more and detailed photos!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Best invested 10 Quid I’ve seen in a while! :slight_smile:


come on. 'fess up. that has got to be more than 10 pounds there


Cheers guys, it started life as a plastic toy mammoth from tesco, it cost around 8 quid. I paid £2 for the base from wilkos.

It’s not finished yet and I’m not including crew in the cost. I’ll take some better pics when I can find something big and white to make a photo booth from! In the meantime here is a few more wips.


Nice one, the tusk look realy cool.


Its odd in the top picture it really looks like a boar, but the bottom one it is certainly a mammoth!


Yeah it was an odd buy a couple of years ago, I was in Hexham Tesco with my daughter when I spotted it, I was amazed that it seemed almost exactly the right size, had chaosy head gear and a howdah! It came with some He-man sized action figures which were totally out of scale with the mammoth.

I had to chop off the spear firing gun on the front, glue its head in place (it used to roar when uou opened the mouth) and fill in joins etc.

Its not as detailed as the amazing FW mini but for the price you really cant complain.


It is a GREAT find.

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Just shows you that not only children should keep a eye out when it comes to visiting the toy stores. I want one now :stuck_out_tongue: great find bud.


Been v busy buying/painting. I have a lot of Woc I’ve bought over the years, including some left over some my old Hordes of Chaos army before GW split the army 3 ways (and I did exactly what they wanted and expanded it all to 3 full armies!)

So far it stands at:

Lord on Mammoth

Hero on daemonic steed

couple more heros


25 Warriors w/ 2x HW

25 Warriors w/ hw/s

25 Warriors w/ hw/s

20 Marauders w/hw/s

12 Hounds

3 Dragon Ogres

1 Shaggoth

1 Chaos Chariot

5 Marauder horseman

5 Chaos Knights

1 Spawn

10 Chosen

2 Giants

1 Hellcannon

1 big SoM giant


Sorceror on Manticore


Greater Chaos Dragon

phew, pics to follow

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’m hoping that includes an army-wide pic, lol :smiley: