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The Stormchild:

Hello friends!

I was just wondering what sort of wash I should use for my CDs.

I’ve painted them in the traditional red style.




The usual suspect is devlan mud.

I’ve also heard a 50/50 devlan mud, badab black mix works well


devlan mud all the way for me, i have got through so many pots of the stuff paiting my CDs but well worth it :slight_smile:

The Stormchild:

Sounds like devlan mud then.

I’ll just run over to the shop and get it.


The Stormchild:

Damn, they didn’t have it.

Well at least I got some softmints.


Softmints damn … Well for what its worth umber drawring ink works well too.


Badab black. I like it more cause its matte black. i put it on armour and red cloth, or to tone done bright colours (just thin it a bit with water) ogryn flesh for the skin.

The devlan mud is good too, but its brown/dirtyish, if you want that its fine.

I must say the washes really work great. One can achieve quite a rough look with them and bring things more in unison, i like that.

The Stormchild:

Thanks for all the advice guys!

Well I have my washes now and I was wondering which would be the best for my silvery metallic CD’s.



Thommy H:

Save Devlan Mud for the slaves - it’ll make their clothes look dirty and their weapons look rusty, so probably doesn’t work for Chaos Dwarfs.