[Archive] Ways they could get around the hat/ mask issue?


If they were to make hats optional, which do you think would be the most likely way of doing it?

By torso I mean the way the dwarfs do it; with beards and heads all part of the torso.

Hat torsos (GW direct only).  This would be the same basic torso as the mask kind, only with the hat feature.  Plastic bits pack.

Mask torsos (GW direct only).  Plastic bits pack.

Hat torsos (Forgeworld).  These would be resin alternatives.  They’d also sell the plastic regiment with the resin bitz back as a set.

Mask torsos (Forgeworld).  Resin bits pack.

Masks and hats as bit parts on sprues.  This would basically have the beards attached to bald heads, with tusks etc so you can choose either version from the regiment set.

Mask/ hat heads.  This is a little harder to explain; there would be separate mask and hat heads included on the sprues that would only go to the bottom of the chin.  So the basic model would have a beard attached to torso that ended without a full head, then you’d pick the head to go on.

Hatmasks!  Or hatmets?  Basically a small hat helmet thing with a daemonic mask.  No other options.

Another option is to clearly split which ones have masks and hats, so there is no need for bits sprues.  They would sell completely separate full body sculpts of the alternative sort (probably FW only).

Something else, like seperating the torsos and having the beards attached to heads only.


Berets :o  or pickelhelms :hat

Its going to be gw plastic fixed helms/masks i reckon ,all demonic masks to accentuate their chaotic nature :hat

Kera foehunter:

I think the make a mask like the longbeards you can add it or not the same with the hats


Hats will not be available, outside of collector’s range stuff, I think. Only the cool peeps will be converting Hats. Everyone else will be conforming to the GW group pattern they shove out. :stuck_out_tongue:


A chaos dwarf without a big hat isnt a chaos dwarf !

Thommy H:

Champions or characters with hats (though probably not so big), everyone else in masks. So you’d have just one big hat on the command sprue in a regiment box or something, just as a nod to the old range. If someone wanted to, they could theoretically have a whole unit with hats though, given sufficient command sprues.


Or go tjub style (any others) and make your own.


this is my suggestion, let’s not worry about whether they have hats or not… It seems about is heated as bringing up religion and politics on the forums…

I personally don’t care how they redo them, as long as they do them…

Kera foehunter:

well the point is we are creative people who are always tweeking the plain jane gw crap !!!

i probably do the same with the new figure too!!

if i can afford them !!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I seriously don’t expect any hats in the plastic regiment box because for ages now thousands of misguided fans have told GW that they were silly and now for once they will indeed listen to the fans.

The truly dedicated Chaos Dwarf big hat lovers shall however find salvation in the able sculptors at Forgeworld who will offer the best big hat conversion pieces the world has ever seen to turn those boring mask and helmet “evil dwarfs” into intimidating and awe inspiring Dawi Zharr.

:hat :hat :hat

(And if they don’t then frakk them!)


I could see Forge world bit sets…

though for masks/helms… I could see enough heads on the sprue to allow for either. Heck, I could even see that for Hats if they felt it was worth it… but I really only see hats being an options for champs, and characters.

Also I HATE the current Dwarf style. It’s freaking annoying and makes conversions and variety much rarer.

The previous style of Dwarfs were 100x better. The new style… just… ugh…

Kera foehunter:

i also hate the hellcanon crew!!! im not found of the tall hats

but tjub makes it so that you love the tall hats

so it would be cool if they make extra hats But i don’t know if i can afford

forge world


A chaos dwarf without a big hat isnt a chaos dwarf !

Someone seems to keep on forgetting that there where Chaos Dwarfs before big hats came along.

I don't think we will see the big hats on any new models, sorry for saying so, but no one at GW likes that look anymore (if ever).

- but if we were to see any new CD models I'll like to see the helmet guys brought back. Back to basic - so voted "something else".



I was not intending this to be an ‘I hate hats/ masks’ debate (delete as necessary), simply thinking how they could actually get around this issue.  It would be interesting if they didn’t consider this an issue at all, ignored both camps and did them with open-faced helmets instead (neither hats, masks or hatmasks).

I would say to ignore this issue would be very short sighted, but then that’s what GW does on most things.

Border Reiver:

I like the idea of both - fluff from Knight of the Realm and tommy’s suggestion above - that unit command and characters would get taller helmets/hats to differentiate them from the run of the mill Dawi Zharr.


Not that I wish to throw all those who’ve voted so far into complete disarray, but voting for including hat/ mask heads or bits on the sprues actually in the regiment would mean either bigger (more expensive) boxes or virtually no cool extra bits.  Unless you could use them in other conversions you’d be paying for something you wouldn’t use part of.  Something to consider :wink:

Kera foehunter:

well you can trade them off to other members !! that would be what i would do


I hope that GW will put both masks and hats on a sprue so that we have the choice of what we want to go for :hat go big hats


Not that I wish to throw all those who've voted so far into complete disarray, but voting for including hat/ mask heads or bits on the sprues actually in the regiment would mean either bigger (more expensive) boxes or virtually no cool extra bits.  Unless you could use them in other conversions you'd be paying for something you wouldn't use part of.  Something to consider ;)

Not necessarily. The new Marauder Cav sprues have OODLES of extra bits. The Deamonette sprues has pretty much no extras at all. Same price. From what I can tell, so long as all the bitz fit around/inside the standard sprue size there's not a whole lot of extra "material cost".

That would actually be interesting to know. What's the price/weight ratio of kits, and the price/usefullness ratio. For my money Deamonettes were a total let down but most mortal chaos kits are just awesome.

Pyro Stick:

Totally forgot about the Direct Order models. It will be cool to see what is only available for Direct Order for chaos dwarfs. I imagine it will just be something like a fancy blunderbuss champion or something. I doubt they will have Direct Order bits.

I voted for Hat and mask BITS on sprue but after i voted i changed my mind to Separate hat and mask HEADS on sprue. If you think about it it would be too hard to make heads that could be interchangable with masks and hats. The only plausible solution is to have head sprues with masks or hats.