[Archive] We wait for the Golden Hat and paint in the meantime


…No idea dude. I won’t say so! Let’s just n-joy painting something in the meantime :smiley:


Well I’m pretty pleased with my painting today… Just started flames of war… Never painted anything this small before and I’ve managed to finish 6 stands of waffen ss (with pea dot camo!!) god my eyes have gone funny!!!


Here you can find what I am doing right now.

At the end of the long waiting for Golden Hat, this thread will be changed into my Dark Elves blog.

It will be update, of course!



Now your turn :smiley:


Hi guys, here the work of this weekend, a marauder mage:



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I’m still trying to finish the 2 dozen big hats I started on before GH17. Being OCD, a perfectionist and really crap at painting don’t go well together


Here’s what I have been doing:

Bull Centaur lord!


4 more hobgoblins.


Those are cool, Grims…

I really have to make more unit fillers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GSF: is that a homemade model or bought or bought and converted? Looking grand either way!


It is entirely scratch sculpted. Inspired heavily by the Ironmonger from Iron Man.

You’ll notice all the fingers on one hand have broken off. It was annoying for a long time, but now that I actually have to get him to fit in a unit it’s worked out quite well so I didn’t repair him.