[Archive] weirrd idea


:ideaWhat if you made an army that was mostly bull centaurs and wolfboys, with a lord o/GT, but had a bunch of missle troops. The Cavalry could attack the enemy army while the missle troops/ wizards/ warmachines blasted away at the enemy. No infantry except a couple of hobbos to defend.


What would stop the calvary from being shot apart? Also how much points would this list be? It might be possible, but I think the CD lack one direction they can mass points in, that’s why they are the most utilitarian army. Also you need some CD warriors to meet minimum requirements for the core.




Earthshakers are very good at stopping enemy ranged fire, but if you’ve got Bull Centaurs you’re out of luck.

I don’t think it would work.


And you would still have to have a minimum of cd warrior units (3 in a 2000pt list) so the no infantry except hobbo’s wouldn’t work either. I dont think CD could work as a mainly cavalry army, the cavalry just makes for some good support units.

So nice idea but I don’t think it would work :wink:



never mind then.


i bet you its one of those type of armies that would win outrageously or fail miserably. i suppose theres only one way to find out lol


an army with wheelz is fine… the main thing it lacks is any ranked up units…
sadly hobbo wolfboyz are always fast cav… so its a bit of a problem…
if you could get a couple of units with ranks it would work… it does in O&G…


This works very well for other armies, it’s basically my army Empire army in a nutshell.