[Archive] Werewoolf Hellcannon Alternative



Werewoolf Miniature have released a new item in their Sons of Adramelech range.

It’s obviously a hellcannon alternative

What do you guys think?


I`m not sure ;). To me it looks more funny than dangerous. Would like to see one painted.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I think I can see what they were trying to do but I think they came up a little (a lot?) short. This doesn’t really work for me at all =(


While there are elements that I do like about it I would heavily convert it before it would work for my CD army.  There are some decidedly un chaos dwarf elements such as the thin tall legs.  Chopping it down a bit to make more stocky and stumpy and/or thickening the legs would help, also bringing the cannon down to where the crew could actually crew it.  Though being a hell cannon they’re probably just there for proding and moral support.  Not to my taste, but it has potential as a good starting base for conversion.  The style would not be as out of place in an all Sons of Adramelech army.  Always nice to see more CD options.

Timothy Archer:

great model, original, and funny . hope tho that the resine is better quality than the usual werewoolf minis .


Not my cup of tea! :expressionless:

Nonetheless maybe a good basis fpr a conversion … :~



What is it with miniatures companies showing lots of similar pictures of the front and none of the back?

I like it, the concept is good, but I agree that it just looks too tall rather than squat.

Fuggit Khan:

I kinda like it, although I’m not quite sure why? I do like the scaled armor plates on it. And the firing cord out of it’s bum is funny…the wheels are clearly based on the FW wheels.

It has potential…and as Jackswift said, always nice to see more CD options :slight_smile:


I don’t like it. GW Hellcannon seems superior in every way except that it’s OOP now. This cannon has like a stiff design, if you get me. Like devoid of life (ok yes, it’s a war machine, but still). And the CD crew are ugly from what I can make out from the pics.

It’s a nice touch that there are bound prisoners waiting to be fired, but not very nicely sculpted imo.


I’m not a fan- Looks to fickle


Clearly not on the GW Hellcannon’s sublime level, but still a promising base for conversions if one shortened the legs. Always good to see more options for Chaos Dwarf armies, and this one strikes out for a daemonic look despite its shortcomings. Wonder how it look like painted?


..................To me it looks more funny than dangerous.

I'll agree with that.


I’m not so sure about the wings. It looks more like something a crazy druid would have build and not a bunch of evil dwarfs. I think cutting the legs and bring the entire thing closer to the ground will make a difference.

But i have to admit the more I look at it the less likely i think i will get one.


uurrrghh, skip.

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