[Archive] WF Hobgoblin and BC artwork


Just sorting through some pics and I found these from games day last year.  Not quite sure how I forgot to put them up at the time.

Anyhow, better late than never I guess.


Ghrask Dragh:


Check out the skull on picture 1 :wink:


Yeah, yeah. I hit post before I’d uploaded.


Thanks for the upload. It’s a shame they’ve said they won’t be doing hobgoblins as those look like they’d make some nice creepy hobgoblins. Bull Centaur also looks mean as!


Love these hobgoblins. They have really nice flavour, I’d love to see them as actual miniatures :frowning:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking good, although I don’t understand every single hobgoblin having knock-knees! :stuck_out_tongue:

Obsidian Muse:

Interesting sketches. I especially like the Bull Centaur, he simply looks massive and intimidating.

Da Crusha:

Woo! that bull centaur is looking awesome!


Not too keen on the centaur, but the gobbos look great!


Nice greenskins i think. More serious and aggressive.


That Bull Centaur looks mean.

If I had a temple i’d happily give him the job of guarding it.


Looking good, although I don't understand every single hobgoblin having knock-knees! :P

Hashut's Blessing
Makes them look like anime girls (with hobgoblin faces, very cute < PAUSE > not). Warhammer Forge is tapping into the asian market that way ;P

Mockery aside, these sketches look good, would've liked seeing some of these as miniatures already.


stuff like this is always inspiring, I’m starting to like the idea of a more beastial bullcentaur more than a bull with a dwarf torso.


The BC looks quite cool but the Hobbos are great - love especially the armour!

Great artwork! :hat off

Would like to see these guys in production!



I'm starting to like the idea of a more beastial bullcentaur more than a bull with a dwarf torso.

I'm with you on that, it looks more like a whole believable creature rather than two stuck together, if that makes sense.


Thanks for putting those pics up!

The Hobs are definitely outside of the Perry models & don’t really have any of the oriental flavor of earlier models. I’d love to see how they size up, but they are a bit too ragtag for my tastes.

They certainly have a “slave” look to them.


The first Hobgobbo looks almost like some kind of Shaman…


I like them… Especially the hobbo playing baseball!