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Question: I’m an old 5th Ed player who just bought the new BFSP set. I was expecting the rule book to explain the whole Lord/Hero+Core/Special/Rare choice thing, but it didn’t. Can anyone give me the rules for that? (or, if you’re not allowed to divulge that, where I can find it out?)


well itz army specific… however all armies are the same… so i can let you know…

1K (and below) - up to 3 characters (no lords) 2+ core, 0-3 Special, 0-1 Rare

2K - up to 4 Characters (1 lord choice), 3+ core, 0-4 Special, 0-2 Rare

3K - Up to 6 Characters (2 lord choices), 4+ core, 0-5 Special, 0-3 Rare

4K - up to 8 Characters (3 lord choices), 5+ core, 0-6 Special, 0-4 Rare

each +1K - +2 Characters (+1 lord choice), +1 core, +0-1 Special, +0-1 Rare


Yes, this chart was included at the beginning of the Ravening Hordes list, which isn’t included in the scans of the Chaos Dwarf section of that list. But Metro has it correct. :slight_smile:


Thank you thank you. Much obliged. FOR THE HORDE! (Wait, wrong game.)

Lord Zarkov:

Easy way to remember:

2xpoints/1000 characters (only oddity is 3 in 1K)

points/2000 lords (round down)

points/1000 +1 minimum core

points/1000 +2 special

points/1000 rare

or at least it heps for me