[Archive] What are the slaves with the Drazhoath the Ashen model?


They look like daemonic humans but could be a type of greenskin (hobgoblin?). I’m in the process of putting together and painting the model but I have no idea how I’d paint up those slaves. Anyone know?


Take it from a medal winner :wink: Herby is spot on the money!


It’s just a shame that these don’t have any effect in the rules.




Awesome. Thanks. I had a feeling they might be chaos dwarves (only because they had the same little horns), but they had no beards and definitely didn’t seem stocky (which makes sense if they’re having their life force sucked out of them). I have the Tamurkhan book but I haven’t read the fluff for Drazhoath yet. Let me guess. That’s where they mention the slaves? If so, my bad.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s part of the life sucking process… the beard goes off first! :smiley: