[Archive] What armies are you unlikely to collect?


A different take on an old forum favourite.  Instead of saying what armies you intend to collect at some point in the distant future, which ones are you extremely unlikely to collect and why?

I originally wrote it as ‘never collect’, but never say never in warhammer… ;)  

For me its:

Tomb Kings, Dark Elves, Beastmen, Bretonnians and Lizardmen.  The rest are ones I might possibly consider (or collect already).

Tomb kings I will never collect because it would be boring painting so much bone and sand.

Dark Elves I’ve never been too keen on for some reason…?  Silly I know but I’m not a fan of purple, perhaps that’s it ;). I’ve taken too many defeats at the hands of DE players as well. :frowning:

Beastmen never appealed to me because they lack character and are too similar to be worth it IMO.  It would take a HUGE amount of work to get them close to how I imagine they should be.

I sort of painted a few bretonnians when the boxed set with them came out (5th ed?). Put off painting horses for life (that’s why I collect dwarfs, daemons and chaos dwarfs :)).

Lizardmen same reason as the Beastmen really.  Lack character and look too similar.  The lord/ heroes would be the exception (as I love the models), but not enough reason to collect them.

I seriously doubt I’d collect a Vampire Counts army either.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

skaven,empire,VC and proberly BoC


I love all Chaos stuff, Dark Elves, Wood Elves and Dwarfs. I generally like the High Fantasy armies and avoid things like Skaven, Empire, Bretonnians, … but I like most of these armies as well, but they are secondary enjoyments.

Thommy H:

I’d never do Skaven. Too numerous, too brown.


I could never bring myself to collect High Elves, and find Tomb Kings and Lizardmen pretty boring.


I tend to only collect evil armies, and also I avoid humans (too many here already!). So HE/WE, humans, lizardmen, dwarfs. Oh, and probably also TK, as they don’t appeal to me the slightest bit.

Pyro Stick:

Ill just name the warhammer armies i wouldnt collect and none of the 40k which is a much bigger list.

I would never collect Empire, High Elves and Lizardmen. I think empire are so increadibly boring, high elves look ridicolous and for lizardmen i would hate to have to paint so many skinks and their units are so dull. All three armies could be so much better.


Seems a bit funny to not collect an army because of the paintjob, when it is up to you to choose the colours.

I wouldn’t collect Skaven because the army seems pretty one dimensional and the models are pretty boring. The human armies also seem relatively mundane, although I’d consider Empire if I did it in an evil fashion. High Elves I just dislike all round, too clean, too simple.

Most of the others I’d consider, but usually with a twist. My TK army is a bunch of undead goblins, the regular models are pretty ordinary and boring, with no character.


Any army that has the word “Elves” in the title.


Beasts of Chaos. While I’d love to do a Zulu theme, I don’t want to play as them.

Wood Elves: I’ve sworn never to play as them. Though I’ve seen cool conversions using Wild Riders.

High Elves: while I like the rules, I prefer Dark Elves. The way I’ll paint my DE if/when I get to them would let me cross use a lot for HE.

Skaven, while I love the background and all… unless they can make it cheaper… or have some better clanrats… I’ll likely avoid doing them.

I’ve sold most of my Orcs and Goblins, not likely to buy more.

Everything else I have a lot of stuff for, except DoW. Except for TK and Demons, I have at least a 2500 pts army for all the others.


Tomb kings I will never collect because it would be boring painting so much bone and sand.

I'm hoping to solve that with an idea :idea I'm trying out at the moment on an army for the next local national tourney in October.

To answer the question: Ogres.
I have around at least 1000 points of every other WH army (sad, isn't it? :h )
What's so wrong about Ogres?
1 - too many large bases - I mistrust armies with lots of large models
2 - too much meat (I'm a veggie, right?)
3 - all the Ogres I bought are either the old metal ones (the old, old Chaos ogre in armour is my favourite), which do bot fit with the new types, or the new plastics which end up converted and consigned to a different force i.e. I bought a box of 6 ogres: 1 went to the Vampire Counts army (a spirit host by himself); 1 to a pulp WWII force (!); one ended up as a giant in my Epic Ork army; and the last 3 have been consigned to :hashut and are in chains.


I enjoy all Chaos stuff, but I agree with all the aforesaid criticism of Beasts. I have a big army of them that I used to really like, and was actually quite effective game-wise when I combined it with my Mortals, but I look at it now and it just seems really dull.

Other than that, High and Wood Elves because they are pansy fops and I hate Legolas a lot - also, I dislike how Elves are almost always just aping LOTR in general. (I do have a Dark Elf army though, which is okay because they’re honest about being jerks).

Also, Skaven, Lizardmen, Brettonians. None of them really appeal to me these days.

I’m surprised that so many people dislike Empire though, I think that they’re really neat - religion + steampunk is a-ok in my books.

Pyro Stick:

Also, Skaven, Lizardmen, Brettonians. None of them really appeal to me these days.

I'm surprised that so many people dislike Empire though, I think that they're really neat - religion + steampunk is a-ok in my books.

I would much rather go for Bretonians than Empire. In fact i think about buying a few of them often. I think they are way cooler looking than Empire are.


for me, id never collect high elves (surprise,surprise!), daemons (look ridicilous IMO, and not very sympathic) and empire (boring)

Ghrask Dragh:

A nice twist on the old ‘maybe one day’ threads :hat off

I enjoy gaming but for me it’s all about the painting, modelling, background story and fluff so I base my army choices around that.

I would never collect;

- Bretonnia Basically they are too non-fantasy if you know what I mean. They leave little room for imagination, the painting prospect is tempting (given all them there pretty colours) but just a boring fantasy element IMO.

- Lizardmen Really bad miniatures! I think they are really let down by what GW create for these guys, it’s just poor, from the whole miniatures range the only 2 worthy of note are that Skink preist they did for Lustria and the forgeworld Limited Ed GamesDay Slann. The sooner Warplock gets in there and kicks them up the rs the better!!

- Dogs of War Too much work (even for a Chaos Dwarf collector!)

I think every other army I could come up a little twist here and there just to make them a bit more interesting and worthy of collecting, some would take more tweeking than others mind you (Wood Elves, Beastmen and Tomb Kings in particular) but might be worth it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I wouldn’t collect VC as I’m bored of them (my friend collects them) and they lack “personality” (which is their personality, oddly enough).

I doubt I’d collect TK as they seem like a beginner’s army (lots of chariots to kill things quickly, simplest shooting ever, never have to run away, don;t need to worry about failing to cast or miscasts etc) and they can end up being very dull to look at without more work than I would find rewarding (considering I’d rarely, if ever use the army).

Empire, I used to like as the medium. Now, I dislike the view they’ve taken of Helstrom Rocket batteries, clockwork horses etc etc.

Skaven: too many of the same looking model, a very flat colour (without adding random fur colours in) and a bit dull.

High elves: their high elves, he he he. Just got an intense dislike of the snotty pansies…

DoW: Not enough appeal to me for such difficult to get/expensive models.

There are likely others, but I can;t think of them. However, I will end up with some of each army or an army of each :smiley:


No elves. Never.

No brettonians either.


I personally like every army, each brings different tactics, paint schemes, and cool conversions to the table but personally I don’t think I’ll collect any High Elves. Their units seem too similar (IE: White Lions=High Elves with Big Weapons. Pheonix Guard=More High Elves with big weapons. And Finally Swordmasters=What Else but High Elves with Big Weapons???)


I wouldn´t collect Elves, don´t like the playstyes they offer right now.

I wouldn´t collect Bretonnians, since I wouldn´t be able to make an army I like (peasant army, the only knights would be the characters & perhaps a single regiment of Grail Knights, much more like the historical armies, but alas it isn´t allowed to not use any core knights, nor to have 5+ units of mounted Yeomen) & because 2 of my regular opponents play them.

I wouldn´t collect normal Dwarfs, since I dislike gunlines (which is the only decent build there is).

I wouldn´t play Skaven since I can´t really be bothered to paint up another horde army.

Kera foehunter:

No Elves or there kins … or skaven they don’t even make good slaves