[Archive] What army book do i use?


Hello there, im thinking about starting a chaos dwarf army and after searching the net i stumbled across your forum in search for answers.

I have found qite a few rulebooks ( i know the most commonly used one is the ravening hordes book ) but i have seen "newer ones aswell that adds more troops “ex. Battleragers” and updates the rules: So i wonder, could you please tell me what rulebook i should use and IF there are a newerversion that is allso accapted.

Thanks in advance!

Thommy H:

Use mine.

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yes, use thommys!!!

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a list is on there, basically check with the people you play with which one they will let you use, but first read them all (or maybe just the rules bit) and see which one fits you idea of the army you’d like to build.

I like the Indy list and the Tommy lists, but its up to you!

Plus - these are 100% unofficial so its up to you to get your fellow gamers to ‘allow’ the lists in-house.

NB - None of these are up to date for the new ed 8 rules apart from tommys WIP copy on his rule book thread.
(correct me if i’m wrong)

Thommy H:

Yeah, and the one in the Falnlists section is the 7th Edition version of my book anyway.


Only the Ravening Hordes list is still official, but both Thommy’s list and the Indy GT list have had a good reception and are far more developed.


If you’re a tournament player, its probably best to familiarise yourself with the Dwarfs/WoC lists too. I’ve played my CDs as both of those at tournies.


Thank you all for answering and the good advice! Il check the lists out and see what they have to offer!