[Archive] What army do you dread the most these days?

richard barby:

vamps are easy beats now
I'm guessing you haven't played any decent VC players then ;)

40 regenerating Grave Guard with Banner of the Barrows and 2 blocks of 50 Ghouls with a VanHel's spamming caster Lord sporting Helm of Commandment in a bunker is 'that' list at the moment. The Grave Guard Deathstar is very much alive and kicking in 8th: 33 Str 6 magical killing blow attacks that hit on 2s is the answer to just about everyone; the regen is kinda beside the point. Add in a second caster Vamp with Master of the Black Arts for a total of +4 PD and it gets very silly very quickly. My Vamps have yet to lose in 8th.  
Check out some of the VC lists from the Masters tournaments, they are just horrible.

i have played some good players with good vampier lists . the list your bringing up is the meta uk list i play in a more comped enviroment . and to slear things up a little i use the US indy list i havent played vamps yet useing the RH list

but my last game went like this vamps went first 2 big blocks one of each troop type and a bunker guard unit along with wargulf and black coach

units went forward not much magic as the coach took 5 dice quick turn over
lineing up my units i have 6 goloums who faced off against the vamps in bunker i had blunderbuss warriors blunderbuss lined up against the blocks
my turn one warmachines and shadow mage lord throw everything at the bunker killing half on it. turn 2 shut down the vamp magic reraiseing (did well to stop it all should get some through)

my turn 2 goloums charge vamps kill all the remaining body guard and the vamp pops( backed up again by shadow magic )
blunderbusses hammer the blocks bigger the unit bigger the mess :)

bottom of turn 5 no vamps left