[Archive] What Can i do with this stuff


Hi guys, Does anyone have any idears what i can do with this plastic stuff which i got with my plastic cannon (which i converted into a earthshaker)?




A slave wagon perhaps.


you could perhaps make a cd gladiatoral arena , thats what i did.


ummmm ok


ummmmm maby i can turn the horse into a great Taurus or a lammasu.


too small unfortuantly, try a bull centaur


Do you still think its small?:hat



to thin, a bull is almost as wide as it is tall, while a horse is long and thin for it’s length, thus thought it may have staure, it lacks the riught structre

Kera foehunter:

trojan horse or a beer wagon


what about one of those caravans, that people carry royalty and dignitaries on? you know, like in the movie Gladiator, what the sister was carried through town on… stick a CD on it or something.


i just think the horse will to big for those cool idears =)

Kera foehunter:

well put an ogre on it Or blow it up with a fire cracker! 1 2 3 BOOM !!!

Thats what my brother did with stuff there did know what to do with

Btw i lost a lot of baby dolls that way sad


You could use it to make scenery for a Warhammer siege game?


you could try and make a warmachine with it