[Archive] What could I ally with my dark eldar?


Hey all- I decided to get back into my dark eldar, and want to add some variety, so i figured why not find something that enjoys suffering enough to side with the dark eldar? The problem is, not many other races enjoy this other than chaos. Ive thought of using daemons (Damonettes as wych’s) because the dark eldar aim to please the chaos gods with suffering, in effort to please them.

Anyway, I want to hear your take on this. Thanks!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Necrons are a possibility. I think they look like they’d fit well together and I guess for fluff, you can say that the Necrons enjoy the torturing of life as much as its end, particularly if it leads to it. They may also combine their teleport technologies.


You may want to wait a little before getting back into Dark Eldar. A lot of people think it is highly likely they will have a 100% new army out before the end of the year. :wink:

Depending on how awesome these models will be, you may not want to add allies.


I had a wonderfull game a few weeks back, My Chaos army took on a allied contingent of dark eldar and Imperial guard. The idea behind this was Chaos forces had dropped into the centre of a dark eldar slaver raid the dark eldar and Imperial guard saw that they had more to fear from the larger chaos force than themselves. Putting there quarrel asside for the immediate time and then the Eldar and there new slaves toook to the feild to attack the chaos force. I did find that Imperial guard and Dark eldar worked damn well together. You could even take it a step forward by even making the Imperial guard Gladiator types too as a standard slave army akin to hobgoblins.


Dark Eldar don’t really have any allies but if they had any it should be chaos space marines or necrons.


dont know about chaos,
dark eldar just like eldar hate chaos and most of all Slaanesh

but there might bee some DE that worship chaos



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I want to get as many old models as possible- I think its always cooler to have older models than new, especially hero’s. I love the necrons idea, ill have to give that a whirl. I’ll order a few grotesques, and the master haemonuculi.

The Brain:

necrons don’t really fit in, if you read the stories from the necron book the Eldar brought down the necron civilization at its height. Some of the old white dwarf stories do say that the Harlaquins do still work with the dark eldar. Other than that it is tuff to put someone with the dark eldat. Like their book says they are the only race that is truly evil. Orks want to fight, tyranids want to eat, tau are communists, the Imperiaum are the fascists, chaos are anarchists, necrons are trying to retake over their empire, and eldar are trying to survive it all. The dark eldar just do things because they can with no agenda, so it is tough to put another power together with that.


I’m not really into 40K but if it works like Warhammer’s Dark Elves they can easily ally with Chaos and Orks. They can make a deal with them and, in a typical Dark Elf set of mind they can think: “I use them and after the battle I betray them!”.

They caqn also ally with imperial guard. It could be a traitor guard or Dark Eldar can exploit the low knowledge of frontier/isolated worlds about aliens. They can disguise as Eldar and make a deal with local imperial forces, maybe fooling a local commander, and then betray them after the battle.

I think fluff wise you can find ways to ally with them…