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In my experiences, there are lots of girls that love Warhammer. We even have a couple of awesome ones on this site, Kera and Soujorn. However, I am fairly certain that the hard edged power gaming attitude drives many of them away.

If a gaming group keeps a cool and friend disposition all sorts of awesome people will find their way to it, including the amazing but somewhat elusive gamer girl. :slight_smile:


well do you wanna know what type of women we prefere?

besides that, i agree with herby. There are just a few girls in this hobby. We had a girl in our club once… Well she was not that pretty but she was a friendly player. Well, she was just starting with wood elfs and got dissapointed quick because woodies suck at the moment, especially when you are an unexperienced player. She quitted after a dispute about some club rooms…

Now we have a new girl, we “got” her with some 40k Nerds… really some guys i dont want to be seen with in public. Propably one of the ugliest women i have ever seen. Among other things, she looks like if she could eat the marshmallow man completely. Dont get me wrong… i really like thick or chubby girls. But at some point its just enough.

I just met one attractive girl on warhammer events so far.

But we have a roleplayingcon here once a year with some warhammer tournaments included… Sometimes when i see the sexy RP Girls, i think i pick the wrong hobby… :wink:

Kera foehunter:

In my experiences, there are lots of girls that love Warhammer. 

Oh, really? Years ago I saw one woman who played DE.

One woman. At various tournaments and different clubs, I saw no other.

Where are you from? ;P

You need to go to the USA i HAVE came a cross 3 female player at the 2 store i play at . 2 are wood elves player and the other one plays Lizards.


I think some of you are missing the point. If girls get the impression that they are going to get mercilessly hit on by your gaming group you probably won’t be running into many of them. Believe it or not there are tons of gamer chicks. Some look incredible and some don’t , Who cares. The thing is girls are awesome gamers and can be kick butt strategists in their own rights.

Da Crusha:

over the last 5 years or so at gaming conventions I have seen I believe 3 females playing warhammer. 4 playing bloodbowl, one of which is my girlfriend I got into the hobby.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Ahhh Kera…I was hoping for a hotter looking girl and better camera angles and such.

Kera foehunter:

Well good luck !! you don’t find Eskimo women in seal coat sexy? Living up in the Great white North this time of year Hot women mean something completely different :slight_smile: