[Archive] What do we want to see in a rerelease of chaos dwarfs?

Uzkul Werit:

Aslong as the Earthshaker is there in one shape or form, I’m cool.


One concern that has been coming to the fore as I finish more and more models that if by some reason GW does redo the list is that they make vast changes invalidating many units that a great number of us are currently engaged in constrcting.


Always a risk.��I fully expect them to go back to the core elements of the list (warriors/ sorcerer/ lord/ hero etc) and strip out everything else.��Then rebuilt and reinvent.

Its why I’m a little bit hesitant about adding hobgoblins, Bull Centaurs and Lammasu to my list.

I know for a fact that GW will be able to make any elite things far cooler than I can make myself, and I’m so slow at collecting (with so many projects on the go at once), I’m happy to slowly plod and see what’s coming.

Chaos Dwarfs in theory are my second priority army… :wink:


Have you noticed what I’ve finished? A DoW rare choice, a unit if 30 CD warriors and a hellcannon count as Earthshaker.

That being said I hope GW realizes that if they ever redo the army that the problems arent major, rather tweaks that need to be realized. That being said I too am hesitant but I’m plowing ahead anyways.

“Damn the torpedoes! Ahead full!”


"Damn the torpedoes! Ahead full!"

Is that a David Farragut quote?

Having the oficial CD back would be more than enough for me.
The only things I really consider important are:

- Keep the persian/assyrian look.
- Hats are gone, then keep the beards.
- An updated Astragoth.

I can accept anything else. Im already bad enough painting them to create a conversion army such as some of those we see in this site. So waiting for them doesnt seem to hard for me.
As long as they are truly coming.


the correct quote is:

"Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!"

im plowing along very well. i got 24 warriors, 14 blunderbusses, 2 bolt throwers, 6 bull centaurs, a mage, a BSB, 10 orc arrer boyz, and a unit of wolves done. by the start of february ill have another unit of wolves, another unit of blunderbusses, another mage, 4 more bull centaurs, a death rocket, and my great taurus done.

Kera foehunter:

hey guys nice pirate talk. bring back boar centaur as a unit!!

Hobgoblin King:

It almost seems like we all agree on;

Beards are good

assyrianish theme, good

an Immortal unit, good

slave drivers, good

The main point of contention seems to be how many slaves should the army incorprate. I think they have a pretty good set up now I guess with Hobgoblins not counting toward the minimum core choice, and the options of ork and goblin special units. I might change it and say two orc/gobbo units should count as 1 special slot, but maybe that overmuch. The Hobgoblin aesthetics seem sound to me as do the chaos dwarfs minus the hats. Mabybe immortals could be immune to fire based attacks?

Hobgoblin King:

Yeah I think the old army was a strong and competetive one, bull centaurs, blunderbuss, earthshakers and sneaky gits These are all exceptionally strong units on there own. I agree a tweak would be more in order than starting with the armies skeleton.

Knight Of Awsome:

immortal lords!! guys with so much armor and runes when you put it on the table your opponent goes “woos”.

The army must be unlike the other chaos ones.


The army is already unlike all other chaos ones. The problem of GW changing it simple for sake of change itself is never far from my mind when I work on the army.

One of the things that make this army great is the fact of so many different troop types/races. It helps keep one interested as you can paint varying units that all fit together if done with a unified theme.


Demonic warmachines and constucts:hat.Bighats will go, i will miss them :mad(i wont because i will still use mine).Lots of slaves :h

And lava ,demonic magic:hashut


A revamp of chaos dwarf magic would be great. Lava Magic is where its at IMHO. One of the aspects that intially garnered my attention to gobbos was Lava Magic.

Traitor King:

A lore of lava might be cool but how would it differ from a lore of fire?

Maybe like a completly new and original lore, something to do with the deamonic machinery side of CDs?

Uzkul Werit:

If we do get Lore of Lava (which we shouldn’t as the Metal/Fire combo works fine), then it should deal mostly with effecting the terrain with minor S4 hit goodness.


Nah just update the 4th edition spells. That would do it for me.


Haven’t played CD since 5th, as my force was not large enough for 6th. When they make a comeback I hope they still have a lot of thier old character. If their doing something completely new I would like to see new models, similar to the crew to the Hellcannon which are great, and a few more new unit types. Of the old stuff keep:

1. Sorcerers

2. Monster mounts and centuroid chaos dwarfs

3. Demonic Warmachines, not just the hellcannon but at least 3 or 4 warmachines of various sizes and purposes.

4. Hobgoblin Mercenaries, I dislike slave units as I just don’t see them fighting but large tribes of mercenary hobgoblins that serve the Chaos Dwarfs I like. Keep it some sort of greenskins just for the contrast with the dwarfs.

5. Hashut, I want the Chaos Dwarfs to keep their own dark god in their background.

6. Magic items not runes. Runes are a regular dwarf thing that I would not want to copy–no chaos dwarf runes or runesmiths.