[Archive] What do YOU want to see in the next boxed game?


I read the thread on the possibility of a new WHFB and I thought to myself, I wonder what would be in the new boxed game? so I decided to ask everyone what they would like to see just for fun.

Personally, I would take either Empire-Orcs and Goblins (WITH Orcs)


something with vampire counts


I would like to see warriors of chaos and dwarfs

Ghrask Dragh:

Vampires would be good, but GW like to stick with their big-game players so to speak, so it will probably be Empire vs Orcs (nothing wrong with that though!)

High Elves vs Dark Elves would be cool or release new miniatures for Bretonnia and Lizardmen and redo that boxed set!!


Beastmen VS Wood Elves, or Chaos Warriors VS Empire. Imagine easy to assamble Exhalted Champ, Wargor, WE Noble or maybe even a treeman!


- Kyte


I would like to see orcs and goblins vs wood elves but I think it will be orcs and goblins vs empire


well, thank god noone asks me, I´d be for chaos dwarfs vs mortal chaos,

simply to widen the line between US- cultivated, highly educated, sensible, modest and absolutely handsome expert demon-technicians- and THEM -brutish, numb, simple minded fur wearing troglodytes… :cheers

…but i guess it´ll be empire vs o&g … yawn


Empire versus Greenskins was sixth edition, I’d hope Games Workshop wouldn’t tread that path twice. With Greenskins in seventh as well, I’d rather see a slightly more uncommon pairing.

I’d wager on Empire versus Chaos, though.


Beastmen and wood elves would be pretty good, come to think of it. Too many skirmishers though :frowning:


Well its pretty safe money on Empire for the boxed sets if you assess the new miniatures. GW will stick to a simple to play, core army for the boxed set, which also has to be a core army. I don’t think they’ll use any of the elven armies as they’re more the veteran tactician’s force. Undead of either variety don’t seem to fit either. Greenskins have been in three of the four boxes Gw have done. Personally I’d like to see Chaos Warriors - a nice new unit of marauders, and a cheap and cheerful selection of characters and special units, at about the standard of Black Reach

Ghrask Dragh:

Yes, the new line of empire figs look like they will make a good boxed set, with the new Chaos minis out too might well be the next boxed set when you think about it.

If I had to put money on it I would say Empire vs Chaos rather than Empire vs Orcs


I could easily see how they could do a chaos warrior vs empire since they have had 2 piece warriors which are awesome

But I would like to see armies that are not usually seen. Like skaven vs ogres. That would be kind awesome to see


Skaven vs lizardmen.

I think they will try and cap on the first warhammer online expansion


Skaven vs Lizardmen would actually be a good one.

Personally, I would rather see greenskins rather than chaos warriors for two reasons.

Reason 1: I’m too busy on my dark elf army to work on any greenskins, so this would be the perfect excuse to get some orcs into my army.

Reason 2:see reason 1

though a chaos army would be fine by me in reality


I’m going with the majority here (though I haven’t counted the exact number so it might not really be the majority). Will likely be Empire vs. Chaos Mortals. Personally, if they’re doing a new edition I’d prefer just a rulebook, but I guess boxed game sells…


I’d like to see Chaos Dwarfs V Dwarfs, but I expect to see Empire or Dwarfs V Orcs & Goblins.

Apparantely 8th edition will be a lot more about an update simply because they can, rather than any major sweeping changes.  They’ll try and keep people interested. I would expect Empire/ Dwarfs and Orcs because they will be the oldest armies in need of a redo by then.

Orcs will hopefully be resculpted.

Uzkul Werit:

Halflings vs Daemons. I’d buy that certainly.

zorn sabretooth:

i reckon cd versus fishmen

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d like them to harken back to the original rulebook cover and have Chaos vs. VC, but it will be Empire and Orcs. No Goblins, I’d imagine.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, based on their tradition of keeping to the “major conflicts” probably Empire vs Orcs. Chaos- probably not, as for starters they tend towards the more “tame” armies (so as not to upset moms). They use Orcs a lot because they are a “mainline” army, adn I’d expect them at least because they need to be redone and will probably be one of the first 8t ed armies (as they tend towards the first army books of any edition). So if Orcs, the only good armies I’d expect would be Empire or High Elves.

As far as what I would like----Vampire Counts vs Empire would be better imho, and a Skaven vs empire box would be pretty cool.

I’ve always thought their best bet was to make a couple different boxed game sets…ie make dwarfs vs Gobbos (reuse the bfsp figs), Make Skaven vs. Lizards, Make VC vs empire, Orcs vs HE. Sel them all, or just release a new version of the boxed set every year. Of course, that would mean lots of investment in figs and everything else, so we’llprobably never ever see that.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I always thought it’d be good to have several starter boxes. Just use the racial pairings of WAR…