[Archive] what i'm working towards - 3000 pts


hi all, well i’ve finnaly ventured out of the army book development subforum and decided to make up my mind about what i’m going to convert so i don’t make somethign useless, that wastes my time so here goes

Chaos dwraf hero 60 - 109

Armour of the Furnace 45

Great weapon 4

Sorcerer 60 - 145

Level 2 35

Chalice of Darkness 50

sorcerer lord 185 - 310

level 4 35

4 dispell scrolls 100

Chaos dwarf BSB 85 - 114

war banner 25

heavy armour 4

Bull Centaur hero 100 - 154

heavy armour 4

black hammer 40

enchanted sheild 10

24 chaos dwarf warriors 216 - 246

command 30

25 chaos dwarf warriors 225 - 255

command 30

20 chaos dwarf warriors 180 - 250

great weapons 40

command 30

18 chaos dwarf warriors 162 - 234

blunderbussess 72

18 chaos dwarf warriors 162 - 234

blunderbussess 72

30 hobgoblins 60 -120

light armour + shield 60

30 hobgoblins 60 -120

light armour + shield 60

10 hobgoblin wolf riders 110 -130

shield + light armour 20

10 hobgoblin wolf riders 110 -130

shield + light armour 20

death rocket 80

10 bull centaurs 200 -255

heavy armour 10

command 45

2 earthshakers 220

Total points: 2992

power dice: 8

dispell dice: 5-d3

there, the armys more about looks than effectiveness, so i’m keeping the death rocket but any suggestions are apreciated


Though I’m not a huge fan of the Chalice, if you insist on using it, I would more it to the Sorcerer Lord and put those two scrolls with the lower level mage (spread the wealth). Also, I’d give the BSB the Armor of Gazrakh to keep him around a little. The war banner is better kept on a unit’s standard. This way you can still keep all of the same models for aesthetic reasons but makes your army a little more combat ready.

Uzkul Werit:

The Black Hammer is worth 45pts, not 40pts so the Bull Centaur Hero will either have to drop that or the Enchanted Shield. Unless you intend on getting Full Command for those Hobgoblin units, I’d drop all of the armour on them - if you’re going to make them for combat, then you might aswell go the full hog. Use the leftover points for Musicians for the two Wolfboy units and a Bolt Thrower if you have any points left over.


You are doing medium magic, which never really works. And a few BTs would really help.


It looks to be a roughly balanced list- but there are a few things that could be changed:

-I never find Great Weapon warriors effective. If you really want them for looks/fluff, however, then go ahead.

-A little more magic might help. I’d say drop one of the CD Heroes and take another Sorcerer.

-Bolt throwers would be a wise investment, and a very cheap one too.

-You could probably use some meatshields. Earthshakers can stop the enemy from shooting you, but it never hurts to take some naked Hobbos to get shot for you.

So all in all, I say drop the GW Warriors and use the points to buy a pair of Bolt Throwers, some naked Hobbos, and perhaps another Death Rocket. Then, drop the hero with the great weapon and magic armor and use the points to buy another Lv2 sorcerer.