[Archive] What is a Gaoler?


Mine is as I mentioned. lots of restraints and torture equipment. He'd make even a sado-masochist quiver in fear of the items!

Hashut's Blessing
Sounds delightfully sinister, can hardly wait to see it.... 7 weeks oiy what...torture ;)

Viskar Zhragoth:

First thing to come to my mind was an evil looking, dirty dwarf bending over a victim with a red hot poker and some flaying knives…I also wanted to include a mancatcher, maybe in off hand, or just across his back, and several sets of loose nooses off his belt…also has to have manacles, ready to lock up another victim…Due to their reputation, I did not really envision them as slave keepers/aquirers, more as the torturer who gets their unwilling victim to give in and give up the rest of their band as slaves…I also envisioned most of their victims as slightly injured in capture (why they’ll be tortured for info instead of just taken as a slave.) Like Ishkar I also saw a set of keys in there somewhere…

turquois dwarf:

maybe they would be criminals stealing other peoples slaves to torture and kill whilst keeping their own :mad

zorn sabretooth:

perhaps a sabretusk or mantraps made out of the weird jaw things orcs have

Hashut’s Blessing:

Vexxus, I try to keep in theme :wink: the seven weeks isn;t for me to make and paint the model, but actually for you to feel his palpable aura of “I slice and dice, but you do not die!”


when i think of gaoler first thing comes to mind is ishkurs hellcannon crewman with the whip and sculpted face…the one thats beside the top of every page to the right of the words “chaos dwarfs -online-”