[Archive] What is a veteran gamer?


Inspired by Thommy H, I thought we could come up with a million qualities that define a veteran gamer.

1. Can put together a full army out of their unpainted models that they haven’t touched for more than 3 years.

Thommy H:

  1. Has more than two bitz boxes, plus at least one “lost” bitz box that s/he knows contains certain models and parts that went through his/her hands at some point in the past, but has long since lost due to moving house or tidying up.

    Thinks wistfully of various long-lost models that reside in this mysterious lost box

Hashut’s Blessing:

  1. Has taken over the garage with bitz boxes and models, claimed the landing as a painting area, fills lots of their front room tables with the books, their bedroom is filled with boxes of armies. (Me :smiley: )

    4. Knows all of the rules and tables without having to look them up.

    5. Has been collecting since CDs were fully supported as a range of models :smiley:

    6. Harks back to good old times, when WD was good :smiley:

    (This reminds me of Figmentia.)

Thommy H:

  1. Starts gaming with a new group, and claims to be a bit rusty with the rules (“It’s a about five years since I’ve played!”) then proceeds to demonstrate better knowledge of the To Wound and To Hit charts than anyone else.

    8. Always forgets the Magic Phase comes near the beginning of the turn now.


  1. Has more then 5 armies

    10. Thinks GW is run by incompetents…

Hashut’s Blessing:

  1. Replies in a thread about what a veteran is.

    12. (This one crops up everywhere, but oh well…) Agrees with the list and knows each point reflects themself.

    13. Thinks they know how to run GW better than the aforementioned incompetents without even bothering to look at their finances etc.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

14.make up rule to people how can’t play(exp.saying that a tau ethereals are magic) :smiley:

Lord Darkash:

  1. Someone who has a multitude of unfinished projects lying around that they intend to complete

    Like my WE treeman conversion started a while ago and based on the plastic giant model. I’ll finish it one day! :hashut


  1. Has models older then 95% of the members of the forums he frequents…

Thommy H:

  1. Looks at old models which have various degrees of paint applied to seemingly random sections of the model with no clear idea of when or why said paint job was applied.


  1. Sometimes accidently applies a rule from at least 2 editions ago.

Kera foehunter:

19 HE where army clothes and talk to the young guys about the war and was never in the army

but show off his battle scars from his removed appendence

while playing 40 k


  1. someone whos house is covered with gaming material


LoL, the scary thing is, exceptfor the owns models older than…oh wait, I have the origonl hero-quest models. W00p, I’m a veteran

21. Someone who is always willing to give advice/support to some new guy, then hammer there backside to kingdom come when the sod refuses, saying they don’t need help ect:hat off:):cheers


  1. keep on collecting even when his/her gaming group stopped playing the game.

    23. having more then one gaming group


  1. Periodically looks at painted figures from old armies that he never finished first time round and thinks: "I could repaint those and do a better job."

    25. Fully understands NAAS (and that it is an acronym for New Army Aquisition Syndrome) but falls victim to it every time

    26. Keeps his models out of the way of wandering kids, not clumsy parents/flatmates


As I’m still reeling from point 1 by Cornixt I vow never to look at this thread again. But before I depart, like Arlon it’s the fact that my stuff is all over the house, my partner has found that her clothes wardrobe and under the bed with her shoes now share space with various terrain pieces. They have to go somewhere.:slight_smile:

Thommy H:

  1. Sees nothing inherently wrong with slathering bases in bright goblin green paint regardless of where the army comes from or would normally be expected to fight (c’mon, who remembers the studio Necromunda models with their inexplicable grass bases?).


hahaha, this thread kills me 'cause I’m reminded of Xander, who:

28. is so dedicated to a hobby from his childhood that he has infused his love and excitement of the hobby into his once (devoutly) unwilling girlfriend, who now gets excited about the hobby too.

not sure if that makes him a veteran or a fan, but it’s true either way. :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

28. is so dedicated to a hobby from his childhood that he has infused his love and excitement of the hobby into his once (devoutly) unwilling girlfriend, who now gets excited about the hobby too.
I've done the same (though she was never "devoutly unwilling"). I feel guilty for making her stressed out by not having the time to finish her Wood Elves. She can't knock out units at the same speed I can.