[Archive] What is appropriate to buy/ sell/ trade?


A reminder on the rules for this section.

* Advertising or trading is only allowed in the Market Place section.

* Advertising for anything other than wargaming miniatures or wargame hobby related products will result in the threads being locked.

* Single Ebay links are allowed (it’s up to the individual whether they choose to buy anything), but not relentless advertising of Ebay shops.

* Be very carefull giving personal financial information either in threads or by personal message as part of a private trade. Never request such details unless it is part of a pre-agreed private trade.

* Selling or trading of models or hobby related materials that breach copyrights for any company is not allowed. This includes casts of original models.

* Advertising the copying or mould making of original models (for the purposes of mass production) would be in breach of somebody’s Intellectual Property Rights and/ or Copyrights and so is not advised.��Any such threads may be locked or deleted.