[Archive] What is you opinion on the CD's rumour in GD of Chicago?


Jervis Johnson confirms that CD’s it renew, but don’t to fix  a date, “Tomorrow or in several decades”. This last sentence to cause doubts me.

I think that Jervis only gives excuses for that we don’t he ask more on CD’s. :expressionless:

But… what is you opinion ?


It’s no different than what GW have been saying for the last 10 years, so it’s not exactly a new “rumour”. I don’t know why people are getting so excited about it.


its always the same…every six months or so someone came around saying:“hey gw will redo cd”

and every time an incredible big discussion starts…


If you were to judge that particular rumour on its own it would be the same as any other ‘eventually we will do them’ rumour. So not hopeful for anything soon.

There are many things that make me doubt this, but we’ve covered most of them already elsewhere I think.

Kera foehunter:

show me the prof !!! its like hunting for big foot they alot of people say they seen it

but there no prof that there is one!


If you were to judge that particular rumour on its own it would be the same as any other 'eventually we will do them' rumour.  So not hopeful for anything soon.

Don't is that one my intention, of course that I like look to the new Chaos Dwarfs soon! tomorrow if it's possible!

I like only knowledge if WHEN, when CD's be renew, I like only knowledge a contrete date for part of GW.

To wait during decades for nothing, that is took hope to the people. :(

Please, in the next seminars of GD's to ask for "when CD's be renew", is just for we, as fans of CD's, have a definitive answer.

Kera foehunter:

well maybe they will have one in the Chicago game day


I’d rather not wait for a whole year kera!  With torture being an army theme that would be the most cruel irony. If they have no plans for the next 5 years etc. I’d like to know what all the fuss was about the other rumoured army thing, at least get it publically confirmed one way or the other.

The next ones as far as I know:

Games Day Germany 16th August

Games Day UK 27th September

Games Day Italy?? Around late October

GW have cracked down hard on leaks of the rumoured army thing, so if they are not planning on announcing until the actual release I think its unlikely to be leaked in any great details.

turquois dwarf:

I have no idea wether to believe it or not but I think it is worth getting exited about as even if it isnt true it will still give you even more motivation to work on your army. and also the fun of being exited easily outways the disapointment if it isnt true for me :slight_smile:


At the very least it is still publicity for CD (and therefore by extension us).


In april the new memberships to CDO was pretty much double our usual. July not so much actually.


I for one am just happy their talking about CD’s this means theyre at least entertaining the idea of redoing the army.


I will be happy when I’m holding a new warhammer armies: chaos dwarfs in my hands, GW keeps yelling CD willl be redone, but when don’t ask us.

Kera foehunter:

Well i see no more news !!


I neither. :frowning:

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Well, i’ve updated the Chaos Dwarf Rumour speculation summary (on the first page of the thread) with the latest rumour I heard.

I know it’s not much but it’s the best I could find :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Kera foehunter:

I don’t concider the warseer as a good source for rumors!! sorry


Good job updating all those quotes Wallacer.  That must have taken a while!

Certainly makes for an interesting read.

Warseer can be hit and miss at times.  I’ve heard people say the thing with warseer is that if they predict enough things the chances are they will be right.  Another issue is that some people only respect the rumours coming from certain people, and treat the rumours from lots of the newer guys with several barrels of salt.

However, they are the best source of rumours generally for the widest range of things.  There are people who post army specific rumours on specific forums at the time (I’ve already contacted 2 people who will join us here if this happens), and there are other rumour forums out there (dakkadakka is probably the best of the rest).

So I would dispute your point kera; they are the best source of rumours generally, but sorting out the good ones is hard simply because of the number of snippets, the fact that they can appear in any threads (not specifically clear from the topic), and they can be really cryptic.  There are a lot less rumours these days for anything sadly since the iron curtain came down, and hunting down the obscure ones is hard work. :frowning:

IF this rumoured army does come out, and IF it is chaos dwarfs, I would expect around 75% of what we discuss here to be based on stuff off warseer.


I don't concider the warseer as a good source  for rumors!! sorry

Kera foehunter
Nothing is a good source for rumours anymore really.  GW have clamped the lid down pretty hard.
Good job updating all those quotes Wallacer. That must have taken a while!

If we don't make an effort we miss out on the performance pay bonus from Xander ;)


You get paid???  :o  I must have words with Xander… ;P  (joke)

Must be a 0% ‘increase’ as we have here in the UK.