[Archive] What mini should i use for games day?


Im in a predicament, i am not sure what mini i should use for youngbloods

my hero

My sorcerer,

or something else, and if this what?

Please help me!!!

Screaming Evil:

Its pretty close but i really like that sorcerer model, the pose is awsome and i love the paint job.

Pyro Stick:

I would suggest that you take some time and design a completely new model in as much detail as you can then make that. Make another Sorceror or something. If you cant be bothered doing that then touch up the Heros paint job and use that. Maybe put it on a larger base so you can put some more lava on it.


Personally, I like the sorcerer more, even though the hero’s beard is much better. But that’s just me.


I vote hero, because it is slightly better sculpted, although both are awesome. One criticism tho - you might want to try to get your blending a little smoother, it might just be the pictures but that looks a bit rough. If you had a sculpt as detailed as the hero with smoother blending, that would be ideal!

P.S, please keep in mind that your minis are both excellent and I in no way mean to take away from that!


The sorcerer is awesome except the beard. Because of the beard, I’m personally going to go with the Hero since I think it looks better overall.


They are both great sculpts - but I voted for the Sorcerer - he got a great pose and a the best paintjob. But perhaps the beard should be tightened up a bit!