[Archive] What rules would you ask for if santa gave you a new CD armybook for christmas?


Well the title says it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ( And I mean as in GT rules, made by GW )

I’d want there to be at least CD hellplane ( hehe i love stealing names for models ), doomblimp ( ye I really need to post some WIP’s on that one ) and uhm some nice Immortal rules in the new book. Now then they better go fetch me one fast! ;DD

What would you like in the new book?

Dead Kennedy:

An emphasis on some more weird Hasutian mutants. I like the Bull Centaur paradigm, but that is a “stable mutation”: one passed down through generations. I’d like to see an emphasis on something really nasty and chaotic for a change… be it mutant goblins or dwarfs, I’d like to see that aspect of chaos get a bit of love.

Also, chainaxes. If anyone has them in Warhammer Fantasy, it’s the Chaos Dwarfs.


Id love to see a bunch of stuff firstly a unit of Chaos Dwarfs with Grenades,

Another is an Assassin style character for the army not sure if it would be a Chaos Dwarf or a Sneaky Git but deffinately something

lots of different slavemaster unit that can control one giant, or up to 5 Ogre size bases(these can be Trolls, Ogres, Kroxigors whatever), up to 30 25mm base slaves(would have a slightly better attack profile), or an unlimited amount of 20mm base Slaves. Ive always thought the Slaves should be doing the dying before the Chaos Dwarfs but thats just me :smiley: This would also be where Black Orcs would Fit in

some type of Daemon unit specific for Hashut would be cool, each God has their own Daemons I would love to see some Daemonic entities of Hashut blasting away enemies on the battlefield. not just mutations

Dead Kennedy:

Hrm, illustration from the Indy GT book gave me an idea: what about an Altar of Hashut that acted as a super-magical beacon for the army? As the Old World Dwarfs have one, a debased version for the Chaos Dwarfs could be fun. It seems like the rules in WoH 5 for the piston machine could be similar to that.

Good point on demons of Hashut, it’s surprising he doesn’t seem to lend out his lesser demons often. I’d love to see all sorts of fire elementals, burning souls, all kinds of wonderful furnace-found things.


hmm… Probably some sort of Altar thing, and why not a sneaky git type character?

The thing I’d be most stoked about would probably be models. Give me some plastic bull centaurs :smiley:


Shrine of Hashut similar to the Cauldron of Blood or Warshrine hmmm I like it.


Hehe, those are some nice ideas.

How about a massive tank which can run over enemies letting them all suffer a S4 or S5 hit? That would be so evil, and so Chaos Dwarfish it might just do the trick :smiley:


Different Slaves, like Forge Slaves. They act as a sort of detachment to War Machines and if they are ten or more they can man a War Machine with decreased liability.

Kera foehunter:

Well don’t look for anything from me !! Santa put me on the naughty list


Well don't look for anything from me !! Santa put me on the naughty list

Kera foehunter
ghehe lol
Drunken agression stuff that got you there or what?

Dead Kennedy:

Some areas from the Indy GT book that could be ripe for the making:

Chaos Dwarf Berzerkers. In the timeline published in the book, it mentions a horde of tattooed crazies rampaging about. Demonic tattoos, flaming great weapons, there could be some untapped awesomeness there. Of course it has the “me too” factor since Dwarfs already have Slayers…

Demonically possessed goblinoids could be another area of greatness. The special character mentioned in the book was the first one, but perhaps the Chaos Dwarfs have since perfected the practice (or at least failed enough to cobble together a unit!). That could make for an interesting, unpredictable unit.

Kera foehunter:

Well when i was young i made Santa some some spiecal brownies

* kera laughs* He was never thew same since