[Archive] What´s getting you back on track? (CD-painting)


Hey there,

lately, I was facing a bit of a lowpoint in motivation concerning the painting of my CDs. I´ve got some 15 half-finished warriors, 4 leadbelcher with beards and a whole lot of playmobile artillery lying around, but I somehow can´t get myself to work.

(whole day in the office with an early spring and sunshine all of the time doesn´t help either… g)

What do you do in those times? Any tips on how to get going?

I need some more inspiration…


Pick something that is easy to complete: a Lord, a single piece of artillery, a monster, etc… Painting units no matter how cool is always a grind. I find this helps during those low points. Above all if you don’t feel like painting… don’t! Nothing will make you like your CDs less then by forcing yourself to work on them. Hope this helps.


Thanks Willmark,

I´ve tried this trick before, it´s exactly how I managed to paint about 150 Clanrats, 120 Gobbos and 80+ Zombies. Some artillery here and there, some piece of matching terrain, it really helps. And in addition, when you´re painting Zombies Joe no.56, nobody cares if the paintjob is a bit sloppy. (At least I don´t)

Different thing with my converted CD´s, I want them to look decent at least.

And I tried the “time-out” idea, didn´t paint anything for a few weeks, only did some conversions (currently working on a giant minotaur for BoC, btw).

I think i need something… “spicey” …


Well Golden Hat V is right around the corner…

Kera foehunter:

i still painting i have 5 shield madden done now. i do thing in 5 . but once i start painting i willwork 8 hours on them . But i paint for the fun of it. I can paint hole lot but i rather have one great one than 50 okay ones. But im still building my army so when it buit i will paint more.


Well Golden Hat V is right around the corner...

Seems a bit quiet on that front, if you ask me... Any news about a topic? Couldn´t find anything new in the GH-V threat.

@kera: I am definetely the "50 OK ones is better than one great one" kind of painter. I´m not that much into painting - modelling and playing is more my cup of tea.


center-piece, then a unit(or half a unit), less-center-piece-ish, then a unit. etc etc etc etc.

…or the best way IMO. Check the army blogs. Got alot of ideas just by looking at what I myself got the bitz box and other peoples pics.



Just got myself started painting again. I’ve got hordes of HGs to paint, but I’ve only got 11 in the main queue, to make a unit of 12 when they are led by the HG hero model I converted for the Golden Hat 3. My main motivation is that they will be quick and easy to complete by doing only 30 mins a day for a week. It might take a little longer than that since I have been experimenting with ways to speed up the process, so subsequent lots will be even quicker. My next biggest motiviation is that I realised that I barely had a usable legal 1K list of converted models since the ranking rules changed, so even if I want to only have a pick-up game then I would perform poorly (more poorly than usual anyway). From the finished 1K list I can make a really easy jump to 2K with things that I have already done but can’t be fitted into a 1K list (like a Taurus).

Uzkul Werit:

I just hunker down and do my best to paint most of the army in one go. Setting targets helps. Like with my Daemons, I said I’d only do so many Plaguebearers a day.


I just don’t let myself start anything new until ive finished what ive started, otherwise you end up with loads of half finished units.


I just don't let myself start anything new until ive finished what ive started, otherwise you end up with loads of half finished units.

That is one thing I never managed to do. While working on my CD, I have finished my Dark Elves Army, started with the make-over of my vampire counts and did some conversions on ogres and beastmen. Also, I am currently flirting with the idea of starting a small army of either Tombkings or Lizardmen...

This weekend, I will give it a try. Saturday afternoon and sunday morning will be reserved for CD-painting. If i´m lucky, there will be some finished stuff to show off on sunday evening.


Sound great man can’t wait to see them!

Kera foehunter:

yea me too .i have a free weekend too!!! yea break out the paints and paint my cd