[Archive] what super power would you have


Morphing would be kool too.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Godbob, I'd said the ability to warp reality. That way, I can do whatever I want to ANYTHING. It means I can remove my entrapment in time, it means I can BAMF, have Wolverine's hair etc etc (P.S. Thought Nightcrawler [brilliant guy, cool daughter {Noctunre} as well ;)] left the smell of Brimstone

Hashut's Blessing
yes that's sort of like deamonic but you get to chose between good and evil i have to be evil it's sort of like the compony policie:)


bring back the dead back to life
then i could charge  people  to see george washington fight bon scott while lynyrd skynyrd were playing live

with great power comes great responsibilty

zorn sabretooth
This is made of WIN :cheers

Put me down for $20 on Bon.


be able to control elements. haha make a giant twister covered with fire hehe. always wanted to do that


I reckon the power I’d want the most is to cause people to die 3 days ago with a single thought in an untraceable manner, leaving absolutely no links back to myself. In this manner, reality would be forced to change to accommodate such an event, and anything planned or done by the (technically) newly deceased in their last 3 days would be undone.


Even the reason you made them die?


Its a paradoxical power apparently.


Indeed, on par with reality warping.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Geckilian, yay for us :stuck_out_tongue: