[Archive] What Terrain do you use?


I mean, aside the flat terrain, what do you use on it? Hills? trees?

What do you have?

I found this complex thick cardboard citadel for 145$ (yeah it it a lot, but you can see other things from this russian guy too) and it seems really interesting to me

It says 25/28mm


What do you people think?

And again, what do you use on your field?

Cheers :hat off


Everything mentioned in the rule book plus some unique others. Everything self made. I love to build landscape and terrain. I have the old GW book
I used many of the techniques shown in this book. If I find some time I show you some pics.

If you can link something everyone will like it.
I have my old book of lord of the rings when it was a monthly (or 2 weeks?) insert with some sprues 10 or so years ago where there were some technics about terrains, but many of them werent really good for warhammer.

Instead houses and stuff seems to be always great to me, it gives even a better feeling about the envirorment for me


The hut and the swamp are really nice.

I guess my idea with all the house will looks stupid with the fact that in such a wide table they wont fit well.

Why there must be a big house here and another one so far from it? Doesnt give the idea of a town at all…




Have heaps of different store bought trees and some bigger ones I made from baby bottle brushes.

Various home made hills out of styrofoam and paper mache, some even with paint on it.

A few basic cardboard buildings. Some citadel ruins and a ziggurat in the construction stage


Well the calculation is easy. When you play Warhammer you have huge armies and you need much room for them to play with. If you just play a skirmish game you can flood your table with houses.
My personal highlight is a dwarf brewery. Relatively big and never used it in a game because of that. Maybe some pics tonight.

Yeah my favourite game is still Confrontation, I played it so much back then, much funnier than WH, better minis, better rules, the races felt great.
Oh god, Rackham why you had to release that stupud at42 and fail?

So this is why I like so much filled scenaries, but yeah, I understand that those things are not possible in WH


@Herby: The old book is great. Charming terrain with relatively low cost and effort.

For me the main point is consistency. It doesnt matter if a piece is not "professionally" made but if you put it next to a 100$ piece it will look shaggy. <br>Ive got a mixture of self made hills, woods and ponds as well as some resin buildings. Its ok for playing but Im not satisfied.

It was proposed to make terrain building a theme for artisans contest. I`ll wait for that to make some chaos dwarf terrain.

One important aspect is playability:

Everything should be modular for WHF. Trees of Woods should be removable that you can move units through or on them, Hills should have not too much rubble/rocks on them and the angles should be flat for playing purposes.

Sadly not all great looking terrain fulfills that.


Your right in all things TheHoodedMan. :-)
Back then a friend of mine(he's some kind of a freelancer artist) wanted to design a gaming table for me. He painted a very nice concept art of his illusion of the battlefield.
I said - yeah it looks beautiful but it's an unplayable table. He was sad to hear that he put much effort and creativity in it. He had no idea about the game itself so the table he painted looked like beautiful mix of fantasy and fairytale drawing with lots of woods, rivers, towers, runestones, and much else.

I demand a pic of the table! ;P


There are pictures Nd guide in my blog. First page has a table of contents.

I build all my own terrain. Cheap, fun to do and fits my models look.

Hills: All my hills are very steep. Because it’s the height that’s important. So the top flat of the hill is only 1" smaller all around than the base.

My hills are high and actually block line of sight. Flying monsters can hide behind them from cannons.

All have an impassable side. We place them on the board and scatter dice to decide the impassable sides pointing. Adds a lot to the tacticak aspect of the game.

Woods: Awesome! Breaks steadfast and make skirmishers stubborn. Make them nice and large. Mine are desigbed to fit together to form mega woods.

Skulls: Impassable, line of sight blockers. Cheap halloween stuff.

Walls/hedges: Use the smart defrnsive rules from the book.

We never play magical terrain! But all swamps drmands dangerous terrain test on all troops and any movement.


And I forgot a broad river that averages 8" across on 1’ square “tiles”. Enough to go the length of the table They are just pieces of masonite with judicious use of spray paint. Also an arched “stone” bridge to span it that needs more TLC and finishing up. Its wide enough for orcs ranked 5 wide to cross.


That`s some standard terrain built last year in a few hours work. Not perfect but it serves the purpose:


Really nice Herby, I really like the “hut”

Hoodedman I will do something like your forrest too with moving trees