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hey guys, first post here, this seems like a pretty lively community so i’m looking forward to some good discussions in the future.

today i jump on kijiji and see that some guy is selling off a bunch of vintage Warhammer merchandise, like i’m talkin’ stuff from 4th and 5th edition fantasy. So i meet up with him to take a look, and im immediately drawn to roughly 100 blisters (the old style) of pewter models. i start to look through them and i see these funny looking models with these huge hats… Chaos Dwarves… and lots of them. I end up walking out with 4 metal bull centaurs, 2 death shrieker rockets, and a limited edition white dwarf (gonna convert it to be a Chaos Dwarf lord).

At this point im torn on what i should do. i already have 4 armies im currently working on bringing to the 2500pt level, and im a university student with very limited funds… I like the chaos dwarfs but they seem expensive as hell to collect.

so im wondering if i should just sell the models off or maybe theres a way to find cheap Chaos Dwarves to expand what i have?

sorry for the long post, thanks for reading and replying :hat off


yeh they are all pretty expensive, new or old. Check out the army blogs and conversions as thats the cheaper way to go. Lots of people have used the BFSP dwarfs or mantic as the basis for their conversions

Goltor Lintrepide:

You can definitely play this army for cheap, you only have to be a little bit of a convertor/sculptor and to find good models to work on.
Also, be patient and wait for good deals on ebay or on this very forum in the Market Place. Also you can find in the Conversions and Army Blogs section a ton of cheap and beautiful ideas!

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They can be cheap with a little conversions, now if your interested in selling what you did pick up to fund your other armies let me know I have cash and paypal and willing to buy the few things that you purchased.



If you want to keep it all big hat, it will be expensive, but the end result is something to be proud of.


Hey Beastmode,

Like i posted in the fourms, if you wanted to sell the stuff you picked up let me know. I also own almost every fantasy/40k armies we might be able to work out a trade to complete your other armies.

Dave (biggmhunter)

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Cool stuff!

Kijiji, eh? Are you from Canada? :slight_smile: You should post some pictures of your spoils!