[Archive] What theme for the next few golden hats?


Although the staff have a decent list already of what could be in coming Golden Hats, I think it’s a good idea to listen to what you all want as well.

Hopefully that way we can come up with things that will get the most entries.

Note that if there is a common theme in this thread we will bear it in mind, but we can’t guarantee anything for what themes will appear and in what order. ;)  Takes away all the surprise otherwise!

So what would you like to see as the themes for the next 3 golden Hats?

Ghrask Dragh:

I would vote for the Sorcerer idea from the other thread.

As for the other 2, maybe a warmachine comp or another character.

Maybe there could be a competition for the writers among us to come up with a new character (with full background and everything),we vote on the winner and then the next Golden Hat could be to create that miniature using the winning story?

I know it’s similar to Rykarth but this guy (or girl) would be all us, a completely original creation from CDO.

Or just a Sorcerer :slight_smile:


If I was to choose - the themes for the next 3 would be

1. War Machines

2. Bull Centaurs

3. Mounted lord

It would really give me the excuse for not making core units :slight_smile:

But I really feel that next should be artillery - don’t you?


  1. Bull Centaur

    2. War machine

    3. Taurus or Lammasu


  1. War Machine + Crew

    2. Complete front rank of CD unit: Musician, Std Bearer, Champ + 2 rank and file!

    3. Hasut/Daemon of Hashut/Spirit of Hashut

Kera foehunter:

1 make figures of the mods !!! (well this would be fun )

2 C.D. frorm of transportaion

3 c.d. pit fighter


I already mentioned some ideas in my other thread but these I would like to see in the next Golden Hats:

1. Sorcerer.

2. Special Character. (by own creation)

3. Command Group.

Pyro Stick:

Bull Centaur, Front rank of unit (either warriors or blunderbuss), War Machine.


  1. cd version of a special character (example harry as a chaos dwarf).

    2. cd pirate.

    3. warmachine

Hashut’s Blessing:

In no particular order: a character, a mounted character or a bull centaur.

Kera foehunter:

Yea Pirates sound great !!! i second it!!!


I agree! Pirates!


  1. A CDO original special character sounds awesome, I would blatantly enter for that.

    2. Bull Centaur Lord.

    3. An unspecified War Machine. Let your imagination run wild :idea

    Or maybe a small diorama depicting a scene from CD society?


1: Unit of either CD, hobgob, sneaky G, basically a armylist specific troop type.

2: Bull Centaur character

3: BSB

Hashut’s Blessing:

Would a special character (other than Astragoth or perhaps Blackheart) not be better suited to the Artisan’s contest due to the nature of fluff and rules etc? otherwise, surely it’s just a character model to others? I only say this as I’d rather people voted on the special character as a whole to recognise all of the work put into each one.


Perhaps do them as a complimentary competition.

Have creating a special character as an Artisan’s competition, then painting him could be the competition for the next GH.

Pyro Stick:

I quickly added up what people have voted for so far and the most popular choice was a War Machine, followed by a Bull Centaur and then a Character.

@HB: If a Special Character was the next GH comp then making the model could be the GH comp and writing up the fluff etc could be the artisans comp. For the artisans comp you could also draw up some concept art as some people might be able to draw a better character than they will be able to convert.

Thommy H:

Why not one of the actual special characters? Astragoth, Zhatan or Gorduz Backstabber. This would be quite interesting because they’re all very different (with scope for a huge amount of variation - Zhatan could be on a Great Taurus, Gorduz on a wolf) but still have a common theme uniting them.

Kera foehunter:

yea lets do a H.B. eating cake. Now some one draw it please!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

wallacer, that makes perfect sense :wink: However, I’m thinking we’ve got something else planned for the next couple. Obviously, we’d best start with it in AC, then GH, otherwise the characters will not be marked on realisation of their ideas and voting for the GH shall have to be done across both, I guess. However, AC could be voted on separately beforehand as skill and idea for the character creation.

Pyro: I thought that might be how it was running down. Thanks for adding them up though :wink:

Thommy H, I suggested that too, but couldn;t recall all of their names.

Kera: I’d be interested A) to see which cakes, B) to receive some real ones so I can take pics and see who was closest :stuck_out_tongue: and C) to see what people would come up with…

I may run that mini-comp :smiley: Kera, would you like to be in charge of it, actually: your idea after all!