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I say make some bolttrowers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, you could have boarding harpoons/anchor drops (a.k.a. bolt throwers), broadside cannons (Earthshakers


I think you shode have an earthshaker cannon as a main forward gun and have some pistol uints (conit as blunderbuss), defintly have lots of bolt throwers (hrapoin lanchers) and hobgoblins with grappeling hukes (hand wepons)


you could create a cannon with a grapling hook in it as ammo (for entering other ships) and use it as a boltthrower


A diorama display board with a pirate ship would be awesome to make next.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Have you decided yet, Kera?


A ship - based on the smaller Man O’ War CD vessels, perhaps?


To contiune your naval theme, why not make your bolt throwers look like whale harpoons? (as I think someone suggested earlier)


Well it a good idea and well noted !! Are there whales in the warhammer ???????

Kera foehunter
Yes, but they go by the name "Ogres" ;)


“Kaptain Agog were a mad zogger. ‘e got us a hulkship we called ‘Da Peeker’ and put togevver a crew jus’ by promisin’ gold and bustin’ heads. We fought he sas a gonner get ter be pirates, wiv da peg-legs and eye-patches and all da parrots we could eat. But we wuz wrong. Agog had bigger fish ter fry, da biggest fish of ‘em all: Behemuff, da great white wale. ‘E dragged us ‘alfway ‘cross da world lookin’ fer dat whale. We wuz sick and ‘ungry and we’d et almost all of da gobbos when we finally it off da starberr… starbo… over der. Had a ginormous, dirty horn stickin’ out of its forred and teef like nuffin’ you ever done saw. I nearly squit meself jus’ ter looking at it. But Agog jus’ had dis mad grin on his mug. ‘Get me a whale-stikka, a rope, and me best swimmin’ pants’, he said. We never done saw 'im again after dat. Mad zogger.”

-Pusfudgit, orc mate

From the Warhammer fantasy roleplay companion.

'Course there is whales! Get that one and i’ll give ya a life supply of rum and parrots.


Not sure about Whales, but in Man o’ War Lizards have giant sea turtles.

Plus, there are bound to be other sea monsters who deserve a good harpoonin’.


Here he is horn’n’all Man O'War - CcmWiki

There is the beasts of the deep box and monsters of the deep box